School Stories

Abstract Art

  • Naughty girls do the bend-over dance

Coming of Age

  • A tale of self-discovery and mentorship


  • What if you could play at being naughty schoolgirls for a weekend

The Sit-Down Dance

  • School rules are quite clear, naughty girls get sore bottoms

Ups and Downs

  • A story of loving discipline


  • The tingling anticipation of a bare bottom spanking


  • The school is in chaos! Someone ought to take back control


Selected Stories

Punishment Panties

A Governess’ strict discipline

blindfolded-bw120Treasure Hunt

A bedtime story

carrot-stick-bwCarrot and Stick

Bedroom misbehaviour and sore bottoms

throne2-bwThrone of Shame

A fairytale of regal submission


Obsessions of a magic book

Sandalwood & Ginger

Sandalwood and Ginger

Masks and sexual adventures

lupercalia-bw120 Lupercalia

Satyrs, nymphs and ancient erotic rituals


Dark things lure those with vivid imaginations