The library of my mind has myriad shelves. New books are added every day. New thoughts, new experiences, new learnings, all archived for posterity.

The sensible, professional books are near the entrance in the glass-roofed atrium. Keep going, beyond the cactus terrarium and the towering palms and pass through the travel section, with its enjoyable collection of travelogues and expedition diaries nestling in stone alcoves amongst the varied vegetation. Now turn left at the sandstone fountain, and walk through the wood-panelled study, past the ceiling-high shelves stacked with academic theses and theories.

The imagination section is on the other side of a patch of sky, just walk across it, you can’t miss it, this section looks like a floating castle. The portcullis is almost always open. You’ll find the erotic books not locked away ashamedly in some musty, dusty room – but proudly displayed in a gazebo amid the courtyard orchard. Yes, it is a bit tricky to find, only a few visitors have browsed its curvy shelves, but it’s worth the journey, as this gazebo is packed with stories.

There are more stories packed into that small ornate gazebo than I’ll ever be able to transcribe in my lifetime. And I keep discovering new ones. Confessions, fantasies, twisted fairytales, secret histories of kinky individuals I never knew I knew.

I transcribe them because I believe in the power of the written word. I believe in the power of words to excite, the power to conjure up whole new worlds in their readers’ heads, each world unique. Words are like magic spells.

So a heartfelt thank you to all those who share and spread these stories. Without you, these tales would remain hidden away in my mind’s library, and ultimately lost in time, forever. Thanks to you, innumerable imaginations will be stirred, untold new worlds will be conceived, and umpteen libidos will be excited.

All, through the magic of words.