Just in case you missed it, my latest story Treasure Hunt  is now published.

My recent stories Carrot and Stick and Abstract Art have been tales of authority, mischief and discipline, but my latest has a quite different theme: playfulness.

Are you still playful?

Everyone was playful once. From the moment the sun rose until we were ultimately sent to bed, we would all spend days just exploring, playing games and having fun. Until, as life got serious, we became burdened by new responsibilities, and began to think of play as childish, immature and trivial – eclipsed by sex, that fantastic new discovery.

In an earlier post, I wrote about reading fairytales through adult eyes. Perhaps you know the ancient fable of the Firebird? It tells of how those entering the presence of the dread King Kashchei are bewitched – compelled to sing and dance, and if they ever stop… they are turned to stone. The wisdom of the ancients warns us: the same fate awaits those who ever stop playing.

We should strive to keep our playfulness alive. Even though the everyday tempests of adulthood that threaten to extinguish it, we should nurture it like a candle flame.

So if your bedroom is now your playground, or you’ve ever wanted it to be, I think you (and your partner) will enjoy Treasure Hunting