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January 2013

Exceedingly short story #10: Sixteen Words

Anticipation. Giggles.



Heat. Pain. Shame.

Tingle. Sting. Ache.

Authority. Discipline. Surrender.

Cuddle. Cherished.




This is the last of the current set of Exceedingly Short Stories. But maybe I’ll scribble another set soon. I do like the idea of impromptu storytelling, after all, writing shouldn’t require days of devotion. Imagine if everyone just took a moment to be creative, to improvise a tiny story, even if it was just a few sentences. You might even be inspired to create something yourself…

Exceedingly short story #9: Head Girl

Miss pulled Amy over her lap. As Head Girl I witnessed her bare bum dance.

“Wicked girl!” scolded Miss.

Yes, I thought, my knickers soaked.

What’s this?

Exceedingly short story #8: Obedience

I used to squeal & protest.

Now I fetch the slipper without complaint.

I pull down my panties, bend over demurely, and ask.

I’m a good girl.

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Exceedingly short story #7: Prevarication

She twiddles the disciplinarian’s card. Over and over.

Prevaricating, hesitating.

Its corners’ cool sharp points prickling her fingertips.

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Exceedingly short story #6: Overnight

Spanked and sore, I’m naked, facing a corner in my headmistress’s home. She’s taken away my clothes, and told me I’ll be staying overnight.

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Exceedingly short story #5: Boardroom

Today’s last meeting.
Sales are up. But CEO fidgets & squirms; tawse in his case.
Naughty boy will be whacked and sent to bed early tonight.

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Exceedingly short story #4: Captive Audience

Up a drainpipe, through a window, now I hide in a closet, spying on cousin Annie’s spanking.

Such cruel agony! Trapped and desperate to pee.

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Exceedingly short story #3: Sunbeams

Chalkdust dances in the sunbeams. Wish I was frolicking outside, not sitting on my sore spanked bum, writing lines at my ink-stained desk.

What’s this?

Exceedingly short story #2: Fault

It’s all my fault. I got us caught. It’s just… I’m not like the other girls. It’ll be the ruler on our bare bums; I can’t wait to bend over.

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