An anonymous reader writes:

Dear Spankingtheatre,

I’ve never done this before… but your latest story, Lupercalia, did strange things to me… so I thought I’d share a secret confession…

You published the story when I was still at school and I couldn’t wait till I got home, so I read it secretly on my phone in the public study area.  I told myself I’d just read it quickly and get straight back to work.  How wrong I was…

As I read, I got wetter and wetter as I sat there, surrounded by people, trying so hard not to squirm or draw attention to myself.  Once I’d finished, I had no hope of studying.  I did something I’d never risked doing before.  I went to the loo, locked myself in a cubicle, spread my legs and played in there.  It wasn’t the usual slow, sensual play.  It was the rushed, feverish play of a naughty girl so so desperate to come.  I needed to so badly, that I would not have cared if someone had heard me gasping and coming right there.

…But that wasn’t enough.  I had the story on my mind all day, till I got home.  As soon as I got in, I locked my door and stripped down to my panties.

I pulled my panties up tight then sat at my desk with my legs spread, one on either side of my computer.  Then I read Lupercalia… again.  Slowly.  I forced myself not to play whilst reading.  All I was allowed to do was cup a hand over my pussy, on my panties, and feel the wetness soak through as I read.  It got harder and harder not to play as I read and imagined being bent over and caned by Miss… then bending over for the latin teacher and counting aloud for him… then being chased by the wolf, caught, whipped and fucked against the gate… it was torture, and I found myself pressing my hand against my pussy in frustration, hoping for some relief.

I only let my hand slip into my panties when Claudia started to sink onto the stone dildo as she watched the Satyr and the Nymph do their dance, and let my fingers sink into my own wetness. 

It was amazing.  That story is just wonderful.  As was my orgasm.  Thank you.

You are very welcome, dear reader.

And how very naughty – and inventive – you are. Playing in school, that certainly deserves a good, hard spanking.

I wonder if other readers are bold enough to share their story-reading confessions…?