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March 2013

A Feisty Princess

An anonymous reader writes:

I very much identify with the feisty princess in your story Throne of Shame. Your story managed to push many buttons (which, I will confess, ended in a little climax of my own):

  • The little ivory protrusion on the throne
  • The chastity belt (this made me smile a wee bit sadistically, I couldn’t decide which I’d enjoy more – being her or being the one locking her in)
  • The application of ginger paste before discipline
  • This: “In reality, she was an undisciplined wench, a lust-driven harlot, a spoilt brat who’d got wet watching her friends being spanked for her own misdemeanours. He had discovered her true nature, he had whipped her like a scullery maid, and now here she was, behaving like one. He had found her weakness, and tamed her with her own desire.”
  • That she knelt and moistened the ivory with her mouth (horribly embarrassing and, thus, terribly arousing)
  • This: “His fingers glanced across her lips as he dabbed the damp patch of velvet between her thighs, tsking at her lack of self-control.” 
  • He made the girls “ride” the “horse” (again, horribly embarrassing and, thus, terribly arousing)

Thank you so much for sharing that story! Anyone can reblog sexy photos, but it’s people like you who write such tantalizing, filthy, enticing, and depraved things that make it worth playing around in the little sandbox that is tumblr. I’ll have to set aside some time this week to read more of your stories, although I plan to stretch them out a bit so I can savor them longer.

Imagining: Treasure Hunt

Thanks to yourwordsplease for choosing this image when reblogging Treasure Hunt. I love seeing what pictures people couple to my stories, having written them, I’ve my own mental images of each story scene, so it’s fascinating to see how others interpret them. If you’ve an image that captures how you imagine a scene, do send me a link…


“Fiona, you’re next. Stand up! Come up here!” the strict voice commanded. “You know what to do. Skirt off, knickers down, legs apart so the rest of the class can see.”

There was the familiar faint whisper of clothes being slipped off.

“Bend over.”

Those two words always made her clit ache. She imagined a nimble, athletic girl slowly leaning forward to touch her toes, making her buttocks swell, then part, revealing the secrets within.  

There was a swoosh, a whack and stifled moan. Then another. The rhythm of the caning made her mind wander, her imagination painting in what she could not see. Whereas the first girl yelped with every stroke, this girl sounded like she was enjoying her experience. She imagined her pushing her bum out to meet each strike, her clit hard, her slit wet and glistening, taunting her teacher to do her worst. Each successive whack was louder than the last, until eventually the moans gave way to whimpers.

“Wicked girl!” the voice chided when the caning eventually stopped, “Now go and sit down, a thousand words on why naughty girls deserve sore bottoms.”

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Repost: Throne of Shame

Her throne glimmered with gold. Ornately carved, fashioned by the continent’s finest craftsmen, it sat on a dais of burgundy and jade.

He took the princess’s hand delicately, elegantly holding hers on top of his, and led her. 

“Your throne, your highness…”

He enjoyed how quickly her expression changed from pride to shame, as she spied the finger-length protrusion of finest ivory just behind the centre of the velvet seat – as she realised just where it would penetrate.

Silken bonds dangled from the armrests. He reached behind her to undo her gown, which dropped around her feet.

“Please, be seated, highness…”

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Spanking Snacks

If you’ve been browsing through these pages, you may have noticed the occasional blog post amongst the stories; short replies, brief musings or perhaps an idea stored away for future reference. They’re gathered together, here:

And, if you’re in the mood for a snack rather than a main course, there’s always the Exceedingly Short Stories too:

Bon appetit!

Brand New Eyes

An anonymous reader writes:

Before I stumbled across this site, I had never really understood the appeal of spanking. Domination I understood and had occasionally fantasized about – a lot – but it was just never something I had really explored. I remember reading Carrot and Stick and being enthralled by your words and lost to the world around me, dragged into this new world that I’d never even thought of. After I finished, I stood up I was surprised to find my legs weak and my panties soaked. I hadn’t even realized I was blushing until my co-worker came to my desk and asked if I was feeling well. I was certainly feeling different. The rest of the day your words were on my mind as was the idea of my ruined panties. I thought it was just the surprise of this new world that had me so wet until I got home and read another story. By the time I was half way down the page I had thrown the sheets off the bed and tossed another pair of panties in the hamper.

There was a time when I read your stories for the sole purpose of getting off after a long day but more than that, it opened the door to this new fantasy world. I grew more curious until I submitted and did more research far beyond the vanilla ideas I had learned about in school. The world hidden behind my eyelids that now occasionally make it onto the page when I write are all thanks to you. You opened the door…and my legs, to a whole new world.

A wonderful message. Surely there’s no better medium for exploration than the written word. Stories are windows into an imaginary world that you create, and can be as familiar or explicit as you want. Every time you look through the window you’ll see slightly further, seeing details you’d never noticed before. I wish you every joy in your explorations of your exciting new world.

Readers, has reading these stories aroused or inspired you? I’d love to hear your story too…

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