An anonymous reader writes:

Before I stumbled across this site, I had never really understood the appeal of spanking. Domination I understood and had occasionally fantasized about – a lot – but it was just never something I had really explored. I remember reading Carrot and Stick and being enthralled by your words and lost to the world around me, dragged into this new world that I’d never even thought of. After I finished, I stood up I was surprised to find my legs weak and my panties soaked. I hadn’t even realized I was blushing until my co-worker came to my desk and asked if I was feeling well. I was certainly feeling different. The rest of the day your words were on my mind as was the idea of my ruined panties. I thought it was just the surprise of this new world that had me so wet until I got home and read another story. By the time I was half way down the page I had thrown the sheets off the bed and tossed another pair of panties in the hamper.

There was a time when I read your stories for the sole purpose of getting off after a long day but more than that, it opened the door to this new fantasy world. I grew more curious until I submitted and did more research far beyond the vanilla ideas I had learned about in school. The world hidden behind my eyelids that now occasionally make it onto the page when I write are all thanks to you. You opened the door…and my legs, to a whole new world.

A wonderful message. Surely there’s no better medium for exploration than the written word. Stories are windows into an imaginary world that you create, and can be as familiar or explicit as you want. Every time you look through the window you’ll see slightly further, seeing details you’d never noticed before. I wish you every joy in your explorations of your exciting new world.

Readers, has reading these stories aroused or inspired you? I’d love to hear your story too…