An anonymous reader writes:

I very much identify with the feisty princess in your story Throne of Shame. Your story managed to push many buttons (which, I will confess, ended in a little climax of my own):

  • The little ivory protrusion on the throne
  • The chastity belt (this made me smile a wee bit sadistically, I couldn’t decide which I’d enjoy more – being her or being the one locking her in)
  • The application of ginger paste before discipline
  • This: “In reality, she was an undisciplined wench, a lust-driven harlot, a spoilt brat who’d got wet watching her friends being spanked for her own misdemeanours. He had discovered her true nature, he had whipped her like a scullery maid, and now here she was, behaving like one. He had found her weakness, and tamed her with her own desire.”
  • That she knelt and moistened the ivory with her mouth (horribly embarrassing and, thus, terribly arousing)
  • This: “His fingers glanced across her lips as he dabbed the damp patch of velvet between her thighs, tsking at her lack of self-control.” 
  • He made the girls “ride” the “horse” (again, horribly embarrassing and, thus, terribly arousing)

Thank you so much for sharing that story! Anyone can reblog sexy photos, but it’s people like you who write such tantalizing, filthy, enticing, and depraved things that make it worth playing around in the little sandbox that is tumblr. I’ll have to set aside some time this week to read more of your stories, although I plan to stretch them out a bit so I can savor them longer.