Image: Life between the pages by Dihaze 

Stories are fragile things; so delicate, finer than gossamer threads, so easily blown away and lost.

Unless you write them down.

Then stories become portals to imagined worlds, open for other intrepid souls to enter and explore.

So, exactly one year ago today I started this blog as a repository for my stories. I decided to transcribe them from my imagination and share them. Because a story dies when it is read for the last time.

But writing releases them; they fly to every corner of the globe. In the year since, my words have fallen into the eyes of over sixty thousand readers, conjuring into being unique new worlds in sixty thousand individual imaginations, as if by magic. Pretty remarkable, if you think about it.

If your mind is full of stories, I encourage you to write them down, before they fade and are lost forever. The world is full of hungry eyes and thirsty minds.

We are tremendously fortunate to live in a Golden Age of Storytelling, never before have our words been able to reach so far – whilst being murmured so softly. 

So thank you all for sharing the adventure so far, and for all your submissions and kind words of encouragement. I hope that over the last twelve months I’ve been able to inspire some arousing scenes in the theatre of your own imagination.

And rest assured, there are still many more tantalising tales to tell…