At last! My latest longform story nears completion. A devious tale of spanking, teasing and devilish predicaments, it’s now over 11000 words, and likely to be longer by thousands more by the time it’s finished.

Which got me thinking: what is a good length for an erotic story?

For instance, a story like Message in a Bottle is less than 1500 words.

Whereas Treasure Hunt is over 10000 words.

So, dear reader, I thought I’d ask you.

Do you prefer short stories? Quickies that can be consumed eagerly, tales just long enough to quicken the pulse, dampen the palms, and bring a blush to your cheeks?

Or do you prefer longer stories? Tales you can read slowly, and get lost in? Stories that will engage your imagination and slowly arouse you, so by the time the tale reaches its climax, you may be thinking about a happy ending of your own?

How do you read erotic stories? Fast or slow? One hand or two? For a quick thrill or a lingering tingling?

Your fellow readers, and myself, would love to hear your thoughts. Why not scribble them below…