An almost anonymous reader writes:

I’m red-faced just writing this, but I feel it’s only right I share as a way to say thank you for your wonderful stories and the feelings they’ve inspired.

Jenny’s classroom experience in Lupercalia was not unlike my own, only it was a private tutor that told me to bend over my dining room table, and she allowed me the dignity of my panties, at least for the first few infractions.  The way Miss made Jenny feel like a clumsy child is almost verbatim the emotions that tutor inspired in me so many years ago.  

It’s been almost eleven years since she pulled my panties down to my ankles, but the thought of Jenny made those older, deeper memories seem like just yesterday to the point that I’m still squirming and anxious.

It took some digging, but I managed to find a pair of panties from way back when.  They’re tight; they’re wet; they make me feel like a clumsy child again.

Alex H