* Spoiler Alert! *  This message mentions plot elements from my most recent longform story, Punishment Panties. If you haven’t already enjoyed it, you might want to read it first!

An anonymous reader writes:

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I find myself identifying with it in so many ways. It reminds me of when I was little, before I could even read, and my mother would tuck me in every night with a kiss and a short bedtime story about a robin or a fawn or some other friendly creature bearing my own name. Though the stories she told where far more innocent, I feel as if you might as well have written this with my name.

I remember being very young and exploring the newly discovered folds between my legs not unlike Alice, so intrigued by my soft little pink lips and curious new hole. Again like Alice, I too had a partner in crime, we would have so many adventures in her basement together when we were young and just starting to explore ourselves, although we were never caught.

I remember one particular instance involving a very large box, we both striped down to our panties and climbed in the box, whispering secrets and cuddling and kissing as little girls do. So curious, we eventually removed our underwear and began exploring each other, examining each others slits closely, poking and prodding and trying to figure out our new found regions. Our expeditions over each others bodies were very interesting to us at the time, we would kiss as innocently as only small children could and wonder if that was how we were suppose to do it with boys.

We pinched and flicked each others small pink nipples, pondering why they were there. Finally when we reached our private parts one of us would lay back while the other leaned in close and examined it thoroughly, pulling apart the others lips, exposing her clit and rubbing it gingerly, before traveling down and exploring the holes below before switching positions and watching closely as the process was repeated on her own pink patch. After we’d carefully mapped each other in our heads we cuddled up close and discovered the new sensations of grinding up against each others leg, but neither of us got far before we climbed out and got dressed again, fearing being caught.

Over the years we slowly discovered sexuality together, examining each others bodies, frequent discussions on the long bus rides to and from field trips about the naughty bits between everyones legs (boys in particular). Sadly we started to grow apart when we both made more friends with other people, still returning to each other periodically with promises to stay together forever, again like Alice and Penny.

Alice’s dream also stuck with me, the classic western theme reminding me of one of my very favorite books, Indiana Wild (which I highly recommend). I read the bath scene in the bath, and it did not disappoint! I found myself squirming and readjusting frequently, enjoying the sensations of wet air on unsubmerged skin and the cool damp air on newly surfaced areas. The idea of being so thoroughly inspected before being bathed and spanked to climax is one that has me riding my fingers even as I type this, and being dressed up and made to submit is a fantasy I very much enjoy.

If only the naughty little girls knew of the exciting secrets hiding between Audrey McGiven’s legs. The total dominance she has over both the girls and the very people who employ her has me wishing I could be caught skinny dipping in the lake, ordered to bend over right there at the shore for a spanking before being made to ride bare-bottom on my horse back to the house and spanked again over the bedstead, my ankles bound so I can’t close my legs or hide my wetness, then be put in my punishment panties and left to hang before being tied into my pajamas and put to bed. Caught between the pain of my panties and the arousal of my situation, I hope I too would have vivid dreams inspired by my punishment, and only be allowed to leave my room when she comes to bathe me and spank me till I come in her hand.

I hope I too would have my punishment panties pulled up between my cheeks, only moved by her hands, spending all day being carefully watched, even when relieving myself, only free of her gaze when she once again strips me bare and puts me to bed. Oh how I crave even just a few days of her care, being made to behave and follow her strict rules, being spanked on my bare bum for any misbehavior, having no say over what can and can’t be done to me. She would be able to inspect any part of me at any time, having constant permission to subject me to any pain or pleasure she wishes, and having complete and total control of me and my body.

Alice’s continued submission in her adult life is another source of immense arousal for me, completely giving her reins to Patrick, sharing enough trust with him to open up her most treasured secrets and to give him the power to make her pull her own punishment panties in any situation or even remove her panties in public view and have them visibly on his person.

I could go on but it is 2:15 and I think I’ve proven just why this story is your finest work so far!