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August 2013

Hiii I just found your blog and I was wondering how often you usually post? I’ve read a few and they’re really good! Sorry to be a bother xx.

I’m currently taking a break from posting, as I’m on holiday 🙂

When writing, it usually takes me a few months to finish a longform story, for reasons explained here. In between, shorter posts often appear weekly, time permitting.

In the meantime, do enjoy the back catalogue!

What to read next…?

A very warm welcome to the hundreds of new readers who joined this blog last month. If you haven’t yet read all the stories, this guide should help choose what to read next. So, what kind of story lights your fire?

School Stories

These stories feature naughty schoolgirls, strict teachers and sore bottoms.

Lupercalia – a long story of old-fashioned school discipline and even more ancient erotic rituals. The title refers to a long-forgotten Roman flogging festival. (Read a reader’s review)

Abstract Art – if a naughty girl was ordered to the front of the class to have her bare bottom spanked, would you look away, or stare and watch? (Read a reader’s review)

Waiting – in detention, good girls wait. Bad girls want to run away. A shorter story.

Secrets & Fascinations

These stories feature characters who are secretly fascinated by spanking and discipline.

Punishment Panties – described by one reader as “very sexy, amazingly creative and meandering, surprising, and exquisitely detailed. It’s also very long, so be warned, because you might get hooked.”

Cosmopolitan – what if you could could go away and become a naughty schoolgirl, just for a weekend?


Dark Fairytales

These stories are more fantastical, occurring in almost mystical settings.

Throne of Shame – a twisted bedtime fairytale of a headstrong princess, a commanding prince and some deviously imaginative torments. (Read a reader’s review)

Glimpse – a spanking ghost story in the gothic style. Best enjoyed in the dark.

Fall – a Halloween story of being led astray into the dark, and why you might not want to stumble across what you’ve always wanted.

Bedroom Adventures

These stories feature couples engaged in some very kinky playtimes.  

Treasure Hunt – a bedtime story of teasing, tantalising and erotic inventiveness, for lovers who still love to play.

Carrot and Stick – a story of bedroom misbehaviour and smacked bottoms for naughty girls and strict daddies.

The Bottom Smacking Machine – just because he’s far away, doesn’t mean she won’t get a warm bottom. A shorter story.

Message in a Bottle – what if you stumbled across a secret, kinky game?

And not forgetting…

Confessions – how these stories have inspired readers’ own playtimes, in their own delightful words.

Do enjoy your wanderings around the library!

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