An anonymous reader writes:

I can’t stop rocking my hips, every time I move I feel them, the bunched fabric between my lips, the tight pressure on my tail bone, perineum, and clit, the waist pulled high over my hips, I can’t help but try to stimulate myself, pushing on and rubbing at the tight bundle over my clit, searching for any way to get my fingers inside myself to no avail, simply adding to my torment.

I’m going to sleep in my punishment panties tonight. With a very thorough inspection in the morning as your story describes, and more than likely a few fingers in my pussy…

(another message followed the next morning…)  

My, punishment panties were deliciously painful, I couldn’t help but pull them tighter and tighter as I lay in bed this morning, eating up the painful pressure on my hard clit, I found myself squirming and struggling against them, only serving to tease myself more as I pulled hard on them. Removing them was almost as arousing as wearing them, feeling the fabric slowly peel out of my crack and release the pressure on my tortured clit before slipping out between my lips with the slightest hesitation.

I did my inspection bent over looking between my legs in a mirror, running my finger along my pretty new stripe, the tip entering my soaked pussy for hardly a moment before continuing, I was absolutely in love with my bum hole, circling it before briefly dropping in for the smallest moment, my clit also showed it’s abuse well, clearly showing where my panties had pinned it.

As soon as my inspection was finished I hurried back to bed where I lay on my back, two fingers inside myself as soon as I was down, fingering myself hard before moving to my clit, rubbing it as hard and fast as I could, no matter how much I gave it, it demanded more, desperate for every bit of stimulation it could handle, soon my fingers returned to my begging hole, wasting no time reaching full performance, but still my desperate little hole begged for something bigger than I could give it, my juices dripping as I worked my pussy, desperate for more all the way to the end.