I love the symbolism in this image, a self-spanking administered beside a treasure chest, her secret repository of fantasies, which she dips into when she plays. Her eyes are closed, imagining, her hand over her mouth, stifling a giggle – or something more intense?

What do naughty girls imagine when reading about spankings?

One of the joys of writing is discovering when your words have been enjoyed. Knowing your words have come vividly to life inside readers’ imaginations is a special thrill. And sometimes, these readers have also been talented writers themselves, and have written in to describe how they imagined a story, or the play it happened to inspire. My words, interpreted by your words.

You might have missed some of these fantastic (and often very arousing) vignettes. So here are the best collected together: an anthology of spanking story confessions, if you will, grouped by the story that inspired them.

Inspired by Punishment Panties

  • Spanked at bedtime – “At this very moment, I am wearing only a thin towel. Just finished drying my hair… & the towel just fell to the floor. Strange isn’t it? That I am fully and completely naked typing to you right now. Baring my skin, baring my soul.”
  • Torment and Joy – “I can’t help but try to stimulate myself, pushing on and rubbing at the tight bundle over my clit, searching for any way to get my fingers inside myself to no avail, simply adding to my torment.”
  • Memories – “Best friends who tenderly explored each other’s most secret folds before we were told that it was naughty, is something that I intimately remember from my childhood. This was the root of my first orgasm while reading the story.”
  • I’m Disgracefully Damp – “There, I said it: I, Alex, have cum so many times to the point that my panties are translucent and clinging, and I’ve only devoured Chapter 4.
  • A story of Me – “I too had a partner in crime, we would have so many adventures in her basement together when we were young and just starting to explore ourselves, although we were never caught.”

Inspired by Lupercalia

  • A little confession – “I had the story on my mind all day, till I got home.  As soon as I got in, I locked my door and stripped down to my panties.”
  • I Got What I Deserved – “The way Miss made Jenny feel like a clumsy child is almost verbatim the emotions that tutor inspired in me so many years ago.”

Inspired by Abstract Art

  • Confession of a spanking lesson – “I took the ruler and stroked the edge of it along my inner thighs and on my bottom. It made me shiver with pleasure. I smacked along with the story. My bottom stung and I did the bend over dance as each blow fell harder and harder.”
  • Comment of the Month – “Holy shit this is exactly what I masturbate fantasizing about. Naughty girls being spanked in front of their class… maybe a little more.”

Inspired by Throne of Shame

  • A Feisty Princess – “He made the girls “ride” the “horse” (again, horribly embarrassing and, thus, terribly arousing).”

Inspired by Carrot and Stick

  • Brand New Eyes – “Before I stumbled across this site, I had never really understood the appeal of spanking…”

Inspired by Waiting

  • My Waiting Game – “I know the rules. No peeping. No taking off the blindfold til I’m told. And I’m definitely not allowed to cum.”

Hopefully the stories on this site will have added some new fantasies to your own treasure chest.

And if you enjoy writing and expressing yourself in words, perhaps you’ll also be inspired to write and share your own reading experiences. Anonymously, of course.

Did a story put into words one of your long cherished fantasies, or resonate with a formative erotic memory? Has reading about spanking intensified your fascination – or even inspired you to discover what it feels like?

We are the sum of our stories – and I, and the thousands of other readers of this blog, would love to hear more of yours.

Image credit: februaryleaf (on deviantart)