Carrot and Stick has just become my second story to pass 200 likes, a naughty tale of wanking, spanking and anal sex. If you haven’t yet read it, here’s an excerpt that might tantalise you:

“She had been given the stick, now it was time for her to be given the carrot.

It consisted of eight orange balls, of increasing size, one on top of the other, with the smallest diameter ball was at the top, and the very largest ball at the bottom.

It was an anal toy. They jokingly called it The Carrot.

He applied more lube to her bottom hole, massaging her pussy to keep her from tensing, and began to slip the carrot inside her…

The first ball entered her easily. He began to push it with a steady pressure, and the slightly larger second ball slipped into her hole. She pushed backwards, eager to accept the third ball, feeling it stretch her bottom hole open as it entered her.

She arched her back, legs shaking, moaning weakly as she pulled her bottom apart, her spanked skin tight and stinging. He continued to push, slowly and steadily, feeling her pushing back, wanting to be filled. Her bottom hole began to stretch again.

A finger began to dart in and out of her vagina, only just entering her each time. As she bore down on his hand, the fourth ball entered her entirely.

She gasped, suddenly full, the probing toy no longer an invader, but a missing piece of herself that had found its home…”

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