I’m writing a new story for Halloween – because there aren’t enough spanking ghost stories. In the meantime here, just in case you missed it last time, is my darkly gothic tale of peeping and punishment, Glimpse…

“A single glimpse was enough to doom me.

Yet all I did was tiptoe across the drifts of yellow fallen leaves, towards the inviting glow of hospitable light, and peek through a house’s window. 


My glimpse lasted no longer than a heartbeat.
I saw her standing beside a roaring fireplace, her hair braided in golden plaits, glimmering in the fire light, tumbling over the shoulders of her loose white nightshirt.

Then I saw her bum; captivating, beautiful, pert pink globes – with a crook-handled cane wedged between her cheeks, hitching up her nightie, exposing her to my prying eyes.

Halloween Alphabet: H, the haunted house on the hill

It was only the merest glance. Sudden movement drew my eye: a menacing black blur, advancing quickly. Startled, I recoiled from the window, acutely conscious I’d just seen something I was not supposed to see. 

Instinctively, I turned and ran…”

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Images unknown, via the Halloween Alphabet