What a difficult question!

I’ve written such varied stories, from classic tales of schoolgirl discipline to lovers’ bedroom escapades, to erotic fairytales and spooky gothic ghost stories.

But I think my favourite stories are the longer immersive ones, the tales painted with sufficient detail to linger in my readers’ imaginations. Stories that offer new sights and experiences to the mind’s eye of those who read them, scenes that might be remembered and enjoyed like cherished memories.

So I think I’ll choose a story that I believe typifies what erotic fiction should be about. It’s a journey, starting many years ago in the fuzzy nostalgic hinterland where we first encounter our erotic selves. Like any good journey, the story has twists and turns, making the destination uncertain and unpredictable. It’s also edgy, it touches on taboo topics, even the dreams of the protagonists are surreal and disturbing, just like real erotic dreams often are. And like all the best journeys its ending is merely the end of a beginning.

I’ll choose Punishment Panties