“… How did our laptops come to know us so well?

Our magic silvery slabs, our constant mute companions, accompanying us everywhere like witches’ familiars. An oracle to answer virtually any question, an enchanted window to see anywhere in the world without moving. Though sometimes what we want to see… well, let’s just keep that our little secret. Our faithful glowing windows witness a side of us few others will ever know…”

— from Punishment Panties

According to the latest medical research published in the Lancet, Britons are having less sex than they used to, down to just under five times a month for the 16-44 age group. That’s a 20% decline since 2000. Since then personal technology has proliferated, smartphones and high speed broadband are ubiquitous, and ultra-light laptops often accompany us into our bedrooms.

This article by writer @chaosintended is worth reading, she argues that the relationship we’re developing with our smartphones has become almost erotically intimate, that we’re now happy to confide our innermost desires to our sleek strokable gadgets. Not that anything is wrong with that, after all, without such technology you wouldn’t be reading these words.

So however you choose to find pleasure, do enjoy it.


Image: hegre-art.com