Reader sinfulchurchgirl writes:

I love your story ‘Glimpse’, it’s one of my all-time favorites, for several reasons.

1. The light in late October is my very favorite. There’s a beautiful old cemetery near my home in northern New England that I like to run through that reminds me of the wood your narrator is walking through when they happen upon the woman by the fireplace. Your description of that first night is exquisite.

2. I like not knowing whether the narrator is male or female. Initially I thought the narrator was male, but since then, I think because I’m a woman, I have begun to see the narrator as female. I’ve never been comfortable with my attraction to women which makes this scenario extra delicious.

3. I love being spanked & whipped almost as much as like to be completely dominated. I really like that the narrator has so little control over her predicament and that time/eternity has been manipulated.

4. I’m dark & twisted, as is this story.

When I read it I imagine having my cunt slapped with a ruler by a faceless person. No rhyme or reason, no story to tell.

All I have is a vague intuition that the person doing the slapping/spanking is female, a librarian with glasses & wearing a wool skirt. I can’t imagine what I have done to deserve this treatment, only that I like it. I don’t want it to stop. My ears burn as my pussy throbs and quivers.

Glimpse is an amazing story. Thank you for imagining it.