Reader goddess-of-arendelle writes:

Before I make my confession, I must say this. My boyfriend found your story and showed it to me after my painful-yet-erotic butt experience. I realized what he was doing to me was because of your story. So thank you so very much 😉

I wouldn’t necessarily say that my boyfriend is my master. He doesn’t use me whenever he pleases and we certainly have our boundaries, but he disciplines me and I am submissive to it. Usually when I get home from school I tell him what naughty mishaps I have gotten myself into. From there, I strip myself as he watches. If I’m feeling extra mischievous, I will add in an eye roll or a sigh as if it’s boring. This will earn me 10 more licks than I was originally inclined to. He will put me over his knee and spank me. It’s agonizingly erotic, and he knows it too.

One day after telling him my naughty doings, he had another fate for me. He told me to go into the bathroom and strip, instead of in front of him. I did as instructed and walked to the bathroom. I had no idea what he had in mind for me. My naughtiness that day wasn’t any more or less naughty than the other days.

He appeared in the bathroom with me and I could see a look of satisfaction emerge on his face. I looked at him with a smile. “He must be enjoying the view,” I thought. Then I noticed he was holding my white panties. I realized he wasn’t smiling at my body, but he was smiling because of what he was about to do next.

He held out the panties wide, gesturing me to step into them. He started to slowly pull them up my body, leaving me wondrous. Is he putting me in some sort of spanking panties? Is he dressing me? What is he doing?

The panties had finally reached where they were supposed to go, but then he kept going. He saw the look on my face go from confused to understanding. He was giving me a wedgie.

The waistband of my panties were just under my belly button. It was tight against my clit. He smiled in approval and put my back towards the towel rack that was on the wall. I could clearly see my body in the mirror now.

He held my hands behind my back and bound them together with the panties I had just taken off. Following, I saw him taking off his belt in the mirror. By now my new white panties slowly started to soak. The anticipation of his next move was killing me.

He pulled up my panties some more, making it bunch between my cheeks. He took his belt and put it between both of my pantie’s leg holes.

“Tiptoes,” he said.

I stood on my tiptoes and then he fastened the belt to the towel rack. He stood back to admire his work.

I realized that if I moved even the slightest, the panties would dig further inside of me. Panic came over me and I started to beg to be released.

“I will be a good girl! I’m so sorry, please!” But he did nothing except smirk at me.

The amount of pain and pleasure I was in was unbearable. He enjoyed watching me squirm against the bonds that he created. He enjoyed watching me torment myself as my feet were starting to get tired of standing on my toes. He enjoyed that I had to stare at myself in the mirror.

He sat on the counter watching me. I was softly moaning as the fabric was becoming increasingly deeper and deeper in my clit and my ass. The stimulations to my front and back side had me aching for some sort of release.

I couldn’t bear the pain in my toes any longer. I slowly started to ease my way to the floor, but each fraction of an inch lower caused 10 times more the pain between my legs. Yet somehow through all of this: my hands bound, my disciplinary boyfriend watching me, my panties deep in my cheeks, having to be forced to watch myself through my own discomfort – it was arousing.

I looked down in shame as my wet panties proved that I was having an exquisite time being tortured. I was a naughty girl, and I deserved this punishment.

I finally had my heels touching the ground and I must say my boyfriend looked impressed. He leaned close in my ear and whispered, “These are called punishment panties. Only extremely naughty girls are put in these panties. Do you understand?” I was too aroused to verbally respond with anything, so I nodded my head.

And just like that, he left the bathroom. I was left standing there with my longing-to-be-released clit, and my sore bottom. I was forced to stare at myself in the mirror getting wetter by the minute.

– – –

Many thanks for submitting your experience, and describing it so vividly. I’m sure it will inspire many others seeking new imaginative (and erotic) ways of punishing their naughty partners!