I have written several featuring spankings of young ladies by female disciplinarians. What exactly happens between them after bottoms are smacked – I leave as an exercise for your imagination.

Your homework then, dear reader, is to read the following 3 stories, and then imagine the delightfully explicit details of their assignations for yourself.

In Cosmopolitan, ladies play at being schoolgirls for a weekend, just imagine the naughty possibilities, from kinky misdemeanours in the dorms, to what might happen when Miss summons you to her private study and pulls down your knickers.

Lupercalia features a headmistress who likes to completely undress those she disciplines; she must find that very arousing, don’t you think? The same story also tells of a priestess who bathes and massages the young ladies who visit her temple. Can you imagine what she longs to do?

And then there’s Punishment Panties, I wonder what the girls got up to at the lake, whilst lying naked beside each other, drying in the summer sun? Or can you imagine being their strict governess, having to perform intimate inspections throughout the day to ensure the girls’ panties remain tight. How long do you think she’ll be able to resist before her fingers start to wander?

I wish you many happy imaginings.