Reader lost-little-faerie writes:

I’ve been a bumbling mess all day. I dropped papers, stumbled and forgot what I was doing. I know exactly what’s waiting for me. Lunch came and I sat on in my car devouring the words in front of me. Completely unaware of my good beside me or the songs shuffling on the radio. I was two chapters into his suggested reading when my alarm went off. My heart, which till then beat a slow erratic beat, raced off and I muffled a scream. Entranced I didn’t realize my lunch was over. I started the car and drove back to work trying desperately not to grab my phone and keep reading. My day progressed with more dropping and fumbling. I could scarcely focus. I just kept seeing my plum colored panties laid out besides my brush on my freshly made bed…..

Getting home I glance at my bed and head straight to the bathroom. I put on some jazz and take a long hot shower. My mind can’t help but keep wandering back to panties awaiting me on the bed. I take my time drying off and blow drying my hair. Strolling over to the bed I try not to let my nerves get to he best of me. Fingertips brush the edge of the cotton. Propping up lots of pillows I bend over prepared to take my punishment. I’ve had very naughty thoughts of someone I can’t have. Sliding my hand up the handle I spank my bottom. “One.”  Again, “Two.” Thwack. “Three.” The sound of wood against my fluffy bottom. It hurts so good comes to mind.

By fifteen my was pink and warm. At 34 I could take no more. I put the brush aside trying not to move my stinging bottom. Taking a couple of breaths I gingerly sat up. I winced as my panties slid over my red thighs and bum. Tugging them securely up  and making sure they encompass my wet slit I tied them with a lavender length of ribbon making a little bow. I giggled, a little terrified of what I was going to do next…

I picked up my brush and laid 10 more lashes across my bottom. By now each land of the wood making me drip a little more into my painfully wedged panties. it was odd how something that should be so extremely uncomfortable was so arousing. Maybe it was just endorphins but I loved it.

Staring dubiously at the rope dangling from my bed post. After a short tussle I eventually got my self tied on my tippy toes. I hung there for what seemed like hours. Slowly inching my way down. The pain between my cheeks like needles and knives.

Untying myself i slowly stepped into my black plaid PJ’s careful not to rub up against my tender skin and bound a tight knot at the back with a length of plum ribbon.  making sure my panties and PJ’s had nice tight knots, I crawled into bed to wrap myself around my stuffed elephant. My juices soaking through my pants. The torture!! I am tempted to rub up against my giant elephant just for some relief. But I don’t dare.

My alarm annoyingly goes off and without thinking I rollover onto my sore bum. Ouch. Turning off the alarm I manage to get upright and start untying ribbons. I am forced to peel my plum undies away from my swollen lips. A motion that has me biting my bottom lip….