Patience, dear reader, stories can not be rushed.

Such impetuousness.

I think you’d benefit from staying a while with Alice and Penny’s strict governess.

Just imagine that.

You’d arrive to find the girls sitting demurely in their juvenile dresses, their hair tied into pigtails, their hands folded on their laps like proper little girls. Told not to speak unless spoken to, they’d greet you with a polite nod of acknowledgement. Their governess explains their appearance by relating how naughty they’ve both been, how she caught them both lying naked on a bed, with a smutty book hastily hidden under a pillow.

“Do you know what happens to naughty girls?”, she asks you.

You’re too embarrassed to reply.

In lieu of your answer the governess tells the two girls to stand and lift the hems of their dresses. They jump to their feet, complying quickly and without complaint.

You gasp when you see their plain white panties are pulled up so tight they look like thongs, a thin band of material between each girl’s swollen lips. You can’t help but stare at each girl’s mound, shaved completely bare, and now almost fully exposed to your gawping eyes.

Then she instructs Alice and Penny to turn around and raise the backs of their dresses. Now you can see a round pink circle on each of their buttocks, with the thin strip of their panties running between them. As you can see, the governess tells you, I believe in the virtue of regular bare bottom spankings.

You’re speechless. But secretly it makes you tingle too.

“Thank you girls, you may turn around now”, she says, before adding:

“Now, you both be good whilst I take our new guest upstairs, and help her get changed…”

You open your mouth to protest, to say that won’t be necessary, but her hand has already grasped your wrist, tugging you towards the door.

Because upstairs, a frilly pink polka-dot dress and fresh pair of plain white panties is waiting for you…