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May 2014

Could you do a word cloud for another story of yours? They’re rather interesting, the words that are repeated in the stories. I suppose ‘bottom’ may be the most common in your entire blog!

I will. I’ve already created a few more. I just want to add some visual flair before I post them.

The first word cloud turned out to be unexpectedly interesting.

It was no surprise to see a word like ‘bottom’ appearing most frequently, but look at the other prominent words. They’re not words associated with spanking, pain or punishment, they’re words like ‘eyes’, ‘legs’ and ‘hands’. I like to think that’s because I try to write stories that are more than just onomatopoeic descriptions of bottom smacking, and these are words that tell a story. I think you’ll find the word clouds of my other stories equally intriguing…

I wish I had the courage to do this without anonymous on, but I feel a little embarrassed to admit I have reread each of your stories about a dozen times. I would just like to praise you for being able to write stories that have excited me countlessly and having the ability to make me wet with just words. My naughty fingers are at work again, so I thank you for allowing me this pleasure.

You should never need to apologise for remaining anonymous. Anonymity allows us the freedom to explore, to read and do things we wouldn’t admit to others. And that’s fine, everyone has a right to a private side.

Guard your privacy zealously. Should you ever want to reach out to others, create a completely new email address, or a completely new tumblr profile. It’s fine to keep your kinky side separate from your real-world face. Almost all erotic bloggers do.

Though being anonymous I’ll have to thank you publicly for your kind words. I hope these stories will continue to bring you a great deal of pleasure.

Please write the story you were talking about in response to the panty pulling ask. I’ve read all of your stories so many times. They’re my favorite things to get off to.

It’s lovely to hear that you’re able to return to these stories, time and again, re-read them and still find them satisfying.

I do try to craft the stories so there’s plenty left to the imagination, so there’s scope for your imagination to improvise new variations, and you can decide what scenes fill your mind’s eye, in the most glorious detail.

That’s something only a good story can do, don’t you think?

Hey Mr., I came back to claim my star. Also because I want to talk a little bit more about the little changes that time, space and the human condition endure in your stories. I enjoy that aspect of them. I was wondering if you were familiar with the russian formalists and their “ostranenie” (or something similar. is it ostraniene? I am far from a literary theorist. but the thing is they say there must be something strange in a text for it to be truly a piece of literature. Mainly, because it’s a

What a shame asks have such a low character limit, your message was truncated just as it was getting interesting. This blog does seem to have a very intelligent readership, I trust it will continue to be a place to inspire the region between the ears, as well as that between the legs. So thought-provoking messages like this are always welcome, though it’s best to use the submit facility for longer contributions.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes, I know of ostranenie – the idea of presenting something familiar in an unfamiliar way. I first encountered it when I was learning improv (improvisation), good improv means creating something familiar enough to be recognisable, but not too surreal that the audience ceases caring. And definitely never, ever, predictable…


Abstract Art

A story in a glance – an image generated from Abstract Art.

Pretty pretty please, Mr. SpankingTheatre, write something like Punishment Panties. Just the thought of those girls trapped with their governess in that house lost on time and space, having to obey those rules and breaking them with joy. .. gets me thrilled. But the punishments get me really wet. (sorry for the lousy english, I’m out of practice.

Young lady, you win a Spanking Theatre Gold Star for your insightful observation. Yes, there is a certain similarity between Punishment Panties and my two other stories featuring weird houses lost in time and space: Glimpse and Fall.

I’ve always loved the idea of a place that’s somehow out of place, somewhere slightly surreal, where different rules apply. If you look closely you’ll find that theme recurring in most of my stories.

Just imagine stumbling across the governess’s manor, a strange house lost in time, and then discovering you can not leave. You’d spend every day frolicking with Alice and Penny under the brilliant summer sun – but your capers wouldn’t be completely carefree, as the watchful governess imposes strict rules.

The three of you would be endlessly attempting to bend and evade her strictures, knowing all too well the consequences of getting caught: dangling from the bottom of your bed with a sore spanked bottom. Or perhaps suffering the erotic torment of one of her even more inventive punishments.

You’d fall asleep every night wondering: am I in a heaven, or in a hell?

Or will I wake up tomorrow to discover it was all a lucid dream?

And then you’d find yourself wondering, would I even want to leave?


After reading punishment panties, i can not wait for another similar story that makes me shiver and soaking wet. Could you pleaaaaase write another story about panty pulling?

That’s quite a reaction from mere words on a screen. I’m curious, what was it in particular about that story that made you shiver and soaking wet?

Open Question of the Month: What is your favourite spanking or kinky scene in mainstream literature?

Are you well read? Some stories hide the most unexpected treats, don’t they?


Image: Antonio Adam

Imagine wandering aimlessly through an old country house.
A soft burgundy carpet muffling your footsteps. 
Out of the silence you hear something… a faint slapping.
Curiosity quickens your pace, the noise gets closer.
Now you can hear smacks, and gasps… and moans.
All coming from behind a sturdy wooden door.
You lower an eye to the keyhole.
Beyond, a young lady over a man’s knee.
Her pink summer dress pulled up, her knickers lie discarded.
One arm pinned behind her back.
You watch agape as her legs kick and flail.
And her bare bottom is warmed by his cruel leather slipper.

So what would you do?
Knock on the door? Intervene? Rescue her?
Or kneel beside the keyhole, and watch her bum turn pink?
As you feel yourself tingle…

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