Teaching – light by Vladislav Shereshevsky (via Dazzledent)

An anonymous reader writes:

So, I was re-reading Lupercalia over my nightly tea in bed…

Soon I was head over heels, completely immersed within the story. I pictured myself running through the streets away from the ‘wolves’, dripping from the excitement of being pursued, imagining a well-muscled, naked man panting just behind me. I ran and ran, until inevitably I was caught, pinned down like the prey I am, my clothing ripped from my body before a hard spanking, his hands wandering my body before taking me right there in the open.

I had to put my phone down at this point, my hands otherwise engaged, one was on my breast, the other between my widespread legs, my right probing and exploring my own insides while the left kneaded my tender flesh and played with my nipple. My hands were no longer my own, the left being that of the wolf, enjoying his prize, the right his hard, throbbing cock.

How I wished the others weren’t home, it was so hard to stay quiet as I lay there on my bed, completely exposed, no sheets or blankets covering my writhing body.

Had my door been unlocked anyone entering right then would have been greeted by the sight of my fingers ramming into my wetness, my back arched, my breast being tightly squeezed, my eyes closed and my mouth wide open. My gasps and heavy breaths filling the air as I struggled not to moan out my pleasure as my imaginary wolf took me hard – his throbbing penis driving hard into my gushing cunt, his testicles slapping against my sore spanked bum on every feral thrust, his arms holding me possessively as he fucks me, his mouth sucking and biting my neck as I gasp each time he re-enters my body – until we both cry out as he comes deep inside me, pumping my needy hole full of his hot seed, my cunt overflowing with our combined juices…

I wasn’t finished yet though. Naughty me. Soon, I once again found myself impaled on my own fingers as I imagined the satyr and nymph making love. My middle finger started me off just as the satyr’s had done, but by the time my fingers were entering me to the beat of imaginary drums I found myself craving a dildo of my own, wanting to feel what I could only imagine, the length and thickness my fingers couldn’t provide.

As my longing grew, so did my arousal, rolling onto my side where my fingers entered me from behind I was introduced to a whole new experience, my fingers feeling completely different from this new angle, my insides a new world and my pussy suddenly much tighter.

I found myself rolling back and forth from this new experience back to the penetration I knew so well, I found myself transferring from the mind of Claudia to that of the nymph, as the nymph I rode my fingers as if they were the satyr’s erection, as Claudia I explored the new sensations of being filled in the most intimate ways, as she came, her wetness clamping hard on the phallus within her I too pressed tight around my fingers without thought or effort, I found myself coming down from my arousal with her, my juices dripping down to my inner thigh as I lay on my side…

After a bedtime story, I always sleep so well.