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June 2014

The Minx

Mischievous, rebellious, inventive, the Minx lives to flout rules and play pranks, her hijinks often earning her friends sore bottoms. But the prospect of a good hard spanking just adds to the thrill of a prank, a mere occupational hazard for this adventurous troublemaker.

The Minx is currently the 2nd most popular choice in this month’s poll.

What character would you be?

Question of the Month: What character would you play on a spanking roleplay weekend?

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If you were to go on a Playscape Weekend, which character would you play?

  • A Minx? She’s a rebellious troublemaker with taste for pranks.
  • A Siren? She’s a sexually precocious young lady, with a crush on teacher.
  • A Provocateur? She’s on a mission to get her fellow pupils into trouble, so she can watch their whackings.
  • A Princess? She wants to be top girl, the centre of attention.
  • A Domina? Some regard her as a bully, but she’s just used to getting her own way.
  • A Wallflower? She just wants to keep out of sight and watch others’ bottoms being spanked.
  • A Thief? She enjoys the thrill of the heist, the jeopardy of crime and the suspicion it sows.
  • A Seductress? She just wants to get to know her classmates, intimately.
  • A Teacher’s Pet? Goody-two-shoes, Top of the Class. Won’t hesitate to tell tales if she can watch miscreants having their bottoms whacked.
  • Or something else entirely?

Why not read the story, imagine yourself there, and cast your vote.
(And then see what others think).

Which character would you play?

You might even want to give a reason why…

You should write something about impatience because I’m going insane waiting for your next story.

The next story is indeed about patience, and discipline, and naughty juvenile games. It currently consists of 8156 words, a world to get lost in. You’ll love it.

Begging you to write another panty pulling story. I swear I get off to Punishment Panties several times a week.

I’ll make you a deal, mysterious stranger…
For the next week, write a paragraph every time you get off to the story. Mention which section got you so aroused (it is a long story), and how you played with yourself. Then, when the week is up, submit what you’ve written.
I’m sure hundreds of other readers would be fascinated to know how you continue to generate such enjoyment.
Do that, and I pledge to write a panty-pulling story that will blow your mind…

One Summer Night

Image: Voyeur or Exhibitionist by Andi Kunar (via breathtakingportaits).


Across the street I’m sure I saw

A curtain twitch, a glimpse of light

Curious eyes secretly peering

Spies in a sticky summer night


Our neighbours must have heard us, dear

Bare bum spankings do result in quite a din

Slaps and moans echo all around

And an open window can’t keep a whacking in


There’s nothing to stop our lurid sounds

I see every nearby window is agape

Admitting cool night air to ventilate

And naughty sounds behind our drapes


Listen dear, can you hear that buzz?

Liz from number 8 is wanking over your disgrace

Slowly riding her old noisy vibe

Whilst wishing she was in your place


Ah, now I can hear next-door’s rocking squeaks

Roger timing his thrusts to my every smack

The sound of spanking clearly turns them on

His wife moans moments after every whack


Can you hear that coming from number 12?

Sounds like Sarah’s getting her bottom tanned

I wonder if we’ve turned her bottom pink too

Inspiring her to bend before her husband’s hand


Suddenly I’m the conductor of our cul-de-sac

A symphony of spanks and gasps and cries

A melody of buzzes, squeaks and moans

Stiffening the behind-the-curtain spies


Are you proud of what you’ve inspired?

I see your performance has made you soaking wet

Up from my knee, you naughty minx

Don’t dare think I’m finished yet…


Whilst you stand naked, by the window

I watch our neighbours’ curtains twitch

Peeping at your glorious silhouette

How your figure must make their crotches itch


Meanwhile a laptop glows on my naked lap

As I write a post about our game

Soon you’ll see how hard it makes me

To tell the world about your shame

The Waterwheel

Repost: a poem of midsummer mischief


Naughty me, I’m quite undressed

Soft lush grass, bare feet caressed

A sunlit stroll, by gleaming brook

Down to my secret spanking nook…

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Hello! I just wanted to thank you for your stories; they are really AMAZING. I just wanted to ask if you could write or know of any stories similar to Abstract Art… For me, it’s the perfect balance of spanking vs. other things. I’ve reread it dozens of times and it never fails to excite me.. But something new would be nice. ;) thank you!!

It’s difficult to recommend a story just like Abstract Art without knowing what in particular got you going. But if you enjoy the schoolgirl setting I’d recommend Waiting or Lupercalia, and I think you’ll like the story I’m currently writing.

In the meantime, try reading Abstract Art whilst naked with just a square of silk between your legs. No touching of course. Well, not until the very end…

I don’t really have a question but I love your page and your stories they are really entertaining please write more!!

You’ll be excited to hear I’m writing a new story at the moment, it should be finished soon.

In the meantime, why not enjoy what others have said about these stories; their intensely erotic recollections might inspire your own playtime to become even more entertaining…


Stern words

Softly spoken

Bend over

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