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If you were to go on a Playscape Weekend, which character would you play?

  • A Minx? She’s a rebellious troublemaker with taste for pranks.
  • A Siren? She’s a sexually precocious young lady, with a crush on teacher.
  • A Provocateur? She’s on a mission to get her fellow pupils into trouble, so she can watch their whackings.
  • A Princess? She wants to be top girl, the centre of attention.
  • A Domina? Some regard her as a bully, but she’s just used to getting her own way.
  • A Wallflower? She just wants to keep out of sight and watch others’ bottoms being spanked.
  • A Thief? She enjoys the thrill of the heist, the jeopardy of crime and the suspicion it sows.
  • A Seductress? She just wants to get to know her classmates, intimately.
  • A Teacher’s Pet? Goody-two-shoes, Top of the Class. Won’t hesitate to tell tales if she can watch miscreants having their bottoms whacked.
  • Or something else entirely?

Why not read the story, imagine yourself there, and cast your vote.
(And then see what others think).

Which character would you play?

You might even want to give a reason why…