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July 2014

Gifted Imaginings


The magic of fiction is that by reading a story we add new sights to our mind’s eye. So those who’ve read my latest story will now have imagined punishment panties, intimate bottom inspections, bathtime spankings, toilet predicaments, dressing up, panty play in public and whatever other moments made them tingle. These are gifts of discrete imagination, new treats to add to your collection, to be safety retained in your most secure and private repository, the one between your ears…

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Can you do more lesbian spanking stories? If you have done some already can you link me to them?

My latest story ‘Ups and Downs’ features an all-female cast, it should be finished by the end of the month.

In the meantime, here’s a list of my stories showing those with lesbian scenes. And don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

How do you find out about the schoolgirl weekend and where they are?

Unfortunately, the weekends described here are fictional.

It seems such recreational kinkiness hasn’t quite gone mainstream. 

But if you’d like to see events like that in real-life, we all just need to speak up, and show there’s a demand. Even if it’s just sharing articles like this with kink-aware friends, and asking them:

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was something like this?”

If enough people start talking, the bold will make things happen…

The Great Schoolgirl Roleplay Survey: results!


Thank you to the more than 100 readers who participated in the recent poll, making it possibly one of the largest surveys of erotic schoolgirl roleplaying ever undertaken!

I asked which character you’d choose, if you could go away for a roleplaying weekend, where you act out your favourite schoolgirl fantasy. And the results were very interesting indeed…

First though, how did I choose the character archetypes?

I decided to use two belief spectrums, attitudes that vary between individuals. The first will be familiar to readers of this blog: Dominance and Submission. Put crudely, dominant individuals enjoy exerting their power, and submissive individuals enjoy following rules and challenging the boundaries.

The second spectrum was Order and Chaos, where believers in order respect and uphold social conventions and the expected rules of behaviour, whilst believers in chaos get a thrill from mischief, outrage and subversion.

This application of personality types is actually a useful tip for writers. In my stories I often plot different beliefs, traits and their opposites to help generate contrasting and varied characters.

So, the possible combinations on two axes give us 4 categories, as shown in the quadrants below:


Let’s start with the Seducers, these are dominant, self-confident individuals who enjoy disrupting social conventions…

One of these, The Sirenproved the most popular choice, with over a quarter of all votes cast. It seems many readers identify with the sassy, precocious nymphet. Perhaps this is not surprising, after all, who wouldn’t want to don a mask that bestowed allure and limitless sexual confidence? Especially one that stopped you caring about what others thought of your sexual self.

A similar character, The Seductress, also proved popular. Unlike the Siren, her erotic interest is in her peers rather than authority figures. If you were so inclined, I imagine one could make quite a lot of intimate acquaintances during a long roleplaying weekend. Altogether, 4 in every 10 of you said you’d like play either a Siren or Seductress.

The second most popular choice was one of the trouble-makers, The Minx. For her, being at school is opportunity to play pranks and get up to mischief. She knows getting caught means a sore bottom, but she secretly quite likes having her panties pulled down, so it’s a price she’s happy to pay.

Another trouble-maker is The Thief, agile and quick-witted, her chaos is more considered: she loves to plan and pull off daring heists. It’s even better if she can pin the blame on some poor innocent victim, and watch their bottom being warmed instead of hers.

The third trouble-maker is The Provocateur, she loves everything about spankings, and relishes getting herself and others into trouble. It’s even better when her mischief results in everyone having their bottom whacked. Collectively 3 in every 10 of you said if you went to a roleplaying weekend, you’d want to play one of the trouble-makers!

Of course, not everyone is bold enough to seduce or subvert, which may explain the popularity of The Wallflower, who was chosen by 13% of respondents. Her preference is to sit back and watch the punishments of others, what if you could do that in real-life rather than vicariously through the internet? Quite a lot of you would like to watch it seems.

Another character who likes to observe is the Teacher’s Pet, but her observations are motivated by a sense of duty, a desire to curry favour with those in authority, and see that good order is maintained. 8% of you would like to be Teacher’s eyes and ears, perhaps because you were always such good little girls at school, or maybe because the reward for telling tales is getting to witness the naughty getting their bottoms smacked. Overall, 2 in every 10 of you chose characters that like to watch. 

The final category of roles I’ve termed Royalty, these are dominant individuals at the top of the social tree, who expect to be respected.

8% of you wanted to be The Princess, no doubt relishing the prospect of using their femininity and grace to get away with some rather bratty behaviour. A Princess considers herself above spankings, but she may well find during a weekend away that she finally gets her long overdue lesson in humility, one delivered with her skirt up and panties down.

Then last but not least is The Domina, she uses her authority more proactively, to ensure the obedience of others. Around her, others do what they’re told, often erotic, humiliating things, all for her personal satisfaction. Perhaps reflecting that more readers of this blog have a submissive rather than dominant preference, only 4% of respondents said they’d play a domme.

So, if you could go away and become a schoolgirl for a weekend, what might you expect?

If we apply the results to a representative classroom of 20 ladies, we’d expect to enter an atmosphere of smouldering sexual tension, with 5 sirens and 3 seductresses. There would also be considerable mischief in the air, with 4 minxes, a thief and a provocateur lurking, each just waiting for the right opportunity to sow chaos and suspicion.

Not everyone is intent on causing trouble though, sitting quietly at the back of the class will be 3 wallflowers, and at the front, someone who wants to be the Teacher’s Pet. There will also be a single princess, already considering herself to be the top girl of the class, and a domina, who knows she’s top girl. You could have a lot of fun being the only domme in a dormitory of submissive and adventurous girls.

And all this might leave you with one more question… how come no-one runs weekends like this?

Many thanks to all those who took part in the Great Schoolgirl Roleplay Survey, with over 100 responses it might just be the largest survey of kinky schoolgirl roleplaying ever undertaken. This is science! Eat your heart out Masters and Johnson!

I’ll post the final results later today, so if you want to be part of this noble scientific research, do have your say. I think you’ll find the results fascinating…

The Siren

Sassy, precocious and self-confident, this young lady is well aware of the power of her blossoming femininity. She basks in the furtive lusty glances cast by boys and men, and the jealous looks of girls and ladies; how much better it is to be adored than ignored.

An air of practised aloofness allows her to deflect unwanted attention from the pathetic and leery. Young men have little to offer her, just silly horny boys in grown-up clothes. Her beauty fuels loftier ambitions, the seduction of older gents and ladies, those with cachet, wisdom and experience. The reassuring embrace of mentors and protectors. Did she just imagine Teacher looking up her skirt?

The Siren is by far the most popular choice in the schoolgirl roleplay poll, a quarter of you wanted to be a Siren.

What character would you be?

Teacher’s Pet

Goody-two-shoes, Top of the Class, Little Miss Sensible never gets into trouble. She sits attentively at the front of the class, as the silly girls titter and whisper behind her. If only they knew her secret, that she serves as Teacher’s eyes and ears.

She takes her duties seriously, her Prefect badge glinting like a lawmaker’s star, and won’t hesitate to tell tales to bring the guilty to account. Of course, as Prefect, she’s required to witness justice being served, does Teacher know she secretly enjoys watching miscreants bending over to have their bare bottoms whacked? Or have any idea that justice makes her panties damp?

What character would you be?

The Provocateur

She loves everything about spanking, breaking the rules, getting told off, baring her bottom and the exquisite sting of a whacking. Which can make her dangerous to know, she always seems to get herself and those around her into trouble…

… because what she enjoys most of all are group spankings, waiting in a row of bare bottoms, listening to the approaching wave of whacks and gasps, until it’s her turn to feel the cane tap against her eager cheeks.

And the more the merrier. Her ambition is to get the entire class into trouble, so she can spend an hour listening to the delightful sounds of spanking as her pink bottom glows and her naughty place tingles.

Which character would you be?

The Thief

Innocence is her camouflage, she lurks unsuspected, hiding in plain sight, plotting her next great heist. An agile athlete and quick-witted improviser, she relishes the jeopardy of crime and the suspicion a successful theft sows. If caught, she knows she faces a very sore bottom, but the greatest triumphs are when she can pin the blame on some poor patsy, and watch their spanking with secret glee.

Which character would you be?

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