The Siren

Sassy, precocious and self-confident, this young lady is well aware of the power of her blossoming femininity. She basks in the furtive lusty glances cast by boys and men, and the jealous looks of girls and ladies; how much better it is to be adored than ignored.

An air of practised aloofness allows her to deflect unwanted attention from the pathetic and leery. Young men have little to offer her, just silly horny boys in grown-up clothes. Her beauty fuels loftier ambitions, the seduction of older gents and ladies, those with cachet, wisdom and experience. The reassuring embrace of mentors and protectors. Did she just imagine Teacher looking up her skirt?

The Siren is by far the most popular choice in the schoolgirl roleplay poll, a quarter of you wanted to be a Siren.

What character would you be?