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July 2014

The Princess

Impeccably dressed and with an air of authority, she enjoys being the centre of attention. She radiates confidence, and is used to getting her own way, which can lead to quite bratty and childish behaviour. But no-one would dare spank my bottom, she thinks, I’m much too old and much too important for that…

Which character would you be?

The Domina

Headstrong and authoritative, some might even consider her bossiness as bullying, but she is just used to getting her own way. Obedience excites her, and there’s nothing better than seeing her peers doing as they’re told. The Domina does not expect to receive a sore bottom from Teacher, if anyone’s going to be doing some spanking, it’s going to be her, the unquestioned Queen of the Dormitory.

What character would you be?

I would be the goody two shoes with a crush on the teacher who wants nothing more but to be spanked but would never admit it through words at playscape…

I’m sure the interviewers at Playscape wouldn’t make attendees admit all their desires before attending a weekend. It’s good to have secrets. Where would the fun be if Teacher knew of your crush in advance?

If you want teacher’s attention you’ll have to earn it subtly, through coy looks, excellence in class and requests for assistance. It is a roleplaying weekend after all, and you’ll be in a de facto audition for the part of Teacher’s Pet.

Be warned though, you might have competition from your classmates. Over the course of the weekend, a Teacher’s favourite is bound to emerge. How would you feel if it was someone else, would you start acting up like a needy little girl? Then you might well find yourself squirming over Teacher’s knee after all…

The Wallflower

Quiet, impeccably behaved and barely noticed, she’s never the one to get into trouble. Instead she likes to sit discreetly at the back of the classroom and watch the bottoms of her more boisterous classmates turn pink. She’d never admit to it, but watching secretly turns her on.

The Wallflower is currently the 4th most popular choice in this month’s poll.

What character would you be?

My fingers are at it again. I swear I can’t make it through the first quarter of Punishment Panties without doing something exceptionally naughty. That story get’s me absolutely drenched and you are an exceptional writer. THANK YOU for writing something that get’s me going (and off) so effortlessly. I would adore another story that makes me crave a nice, hard panty tug.

I do love messages like this. And I’m delighted so many of you gain so much pleasure from these stories – you motivate my writing.

But you do know what happens to naughty girls who soak their panties, don’t you? 

The Seductress

Sensual, adventurous and uninhibited, the Seductress believes the deepest level of friendship is intimacy. Someone who’s congenial and fun to be around, she naturally draws others closer and closer, until they’re pulled into her world of carnal caresses and intimate kisses.

The Seductress is currently the 3nd most popular choice in this month’s poll.

What character would you be?

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