Part 1 of a new series of naughty games, these were originally conceived as ideas for stories, but rather than keep them hidden away in my notebook, I’m going to post them and give you all some new and arousing ideas for playtimes.

This one is called Squirm.
You’ll soon see why…


How To Play

Get undressed.

Lie naked on your bed.

Prop some pillows behind your head.

Put your screen somewhere you can see it.

Start playing a sexy video, or – if your imagination prefers the sophistication of an erotic story, start reading.

Spread your arms and legs to the 4 corners of your bed and keep them there. (Unless you need to scroll a story, then you may keep one hand on your phone or tablet).

Stay in that position as you read or watch.

Feel the physical sensations of your arousal.

Feel yourself squirming.

But keep your hands and feet spread.

And definitely no touching!

Watch (or read) until the end.

If you managed to resist the urge to touch yourself, well done! You may now reward yourself with a period of self-touching equal in time to that spent reading or watching. Time yourself.

But once your permitted time is up: stop touching!

If you’re not satisfied yet, you may now choose another video – or another story – and begin the game again.


In other words…

The longer the video or story…

The longer your reward…

But the longer you have to wait for it…


Every good game needs some jeopardy.

So, if you touch yourself before the video ends or before you’ve finished the story, you will earn a punishment.

In that case, fill in the following message, and give (or send) it to your partner or disciplinarian:

“I was watching/reading [url of video/story]. I know I should have better self-control, but I was very naughty and touched myself after [x minutes y seconds]. Please give me the punishment I deserve.”

Imagine sending Him (or Her) a message like that during the middle of the day. Or writing it on a slip of paper and hiding it for them to discover.

And then you’ll experience a very different type of squirming as you await their response…