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September 2014

Updated: Links to Naughty Games

Five naughty games posted so far…

#1 – Squirm

#2 – The Panty Pulling Chair

#3 – Ups and Downs

#4 – Clothesline

#5 – Dildo Ritual


Naughty Game #4: Clothesline

Continuing the series of naughty games you can play at home, this one takes playing with clothes-pegs to its logical conclusion.

This post describes two variations, each providing a slightly different experience, though the imaginative will no doubt be able to improvise many more on the same basic idea. And as with the other games, you can play this game alone, or with a partner.

You will need

  • – a length of strong cord, ideally a plastic-coated clothesline, but a dressing gown cord or a strong string or length of ribbon should also suffice

  • – some clothes-pegs (or clothes-pins if you’re across the Atlantic)

  • – a small mirror (optional)

  • – a spanking implement, ruler/slipper/hairbrush (optional)

Variation 1: Standing Up

Get undressed.

Tie a length of cord between 2 points at about waist height. For instance, between the top and bottom of a bed, or around two doorknobs.

Straddle the cord. You should feel it press into your crotch. If you have a small mirror, you can position it underneath you, so you can see the cord pass between your labia.

If the cord is low (e.g. between the ends of your bed), you should kneel down. Adjust the cord’s height if you need to, you can stand or kneel on cushions if you need to be a bit higher.

Now use the pegs underneath you, to peg yourself to the clothesline. One can go over the hood of your clit, and you should be able to fit a few more down your lips.

You might also then want to attach some pegs to your nipples.

Now if you bend over, when your bottom rises you should feel the line tight against your slit.

Once the pegs are in place, you might want to just enjoy the sensations, or you might want to give yourself a spanking, and feel yourself squirming against the line with every smack.

For different sensations, try putting a bullet vibe in your vagina before closing your lips with the pegs. Or inserting a butt plug. Or try twanging the line, or making it buzz with your vibrator.

For those with a partner, one might secretly set up the clothesline, and then surprise the other by leading them to it when it’s time for play or punishment.

Then, once you’re undressed and straddling the line, your partner can apply the pegs, and give you a good spanking. Think you’ve experienced all conceivable spanking positions? I bet you haven’t tried this one.

Extra punishment will be due if your squirming causes any of the pegs to fall off, of course.

And being immobilised so intimately, with your vulva pegged closed and your bottom on display, just think of the erotic torments that are possible…


Variation 2: Lying Down

This is an alternative to straddling the clothesline, providing different sensations and erotic possibilities.

Get undressed.

Tie a length of cord between 2 points so it’s just above a space where you can lie down, between the top and bottom of a bed is ideal.

Slide underneath the cord, so you’re lying beneath it. The cord should pass just above your nose, and run over the groove of your slit.

Put a pillow under the small of your back, this should change the angle of your lower torso slightly so the cord runs just over your clit and between your lips. If you’re not close enough to the cord, use pillows or cushions to raise yourself up.

Now lift up your legs. You can raise your legs fully vertical (the diaper position) or just raise your knees and rest your feet on something (like the bottom of the bed) if that’s more comfortable.

Now peg yourself to the clothesline. The hood of your clit is a good site, and you should be able to fit a few more along your labia. Add a couple to your nipples too if you want.

Once the pegs are in place, you can lie back and enjoy the sensations, or you can indulge in some play. With a long implement like a ruler you should be able to reach down and spank yourself. If you have a bullet vibe or butt plug, try inserting them.

Because the entrance to your vagina is closed, you might find playing with a vibrator is quite a novel experience. Try using it to make the clothesline vibrate. If you don’t have a vibe, try plucking the line like a guitar string.

And if you have a partner, once they’ve pegged you into position, you are at their mercy. Perhaps they’ll tie your hands and feet, so you’re completely helpless as they spank and tease you, their fingers and tongue exploring between the pegs and the areas they leave exposed. Perhaps they’ll twang the line mischievously, making you squirm and moan.


Whoever knew so much fun was possible with just a clothesline, some pegs and an overactive imagination…

Telling untold stories

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

And if you need help telling that story, you might find this advice on erotic writing very useful indeed…

Naughty Game #3: Ups and Downs

This game is inspired by the eponymous story, and has the advantage of being silent, so it can be secretly played by those who aren’t home alone. I’ve included a couple of variations for those who are alone and those who have a partner to play with. If you haven’t already read the story, read it first, it will give you an idea of the wonderful erotic possibilities of just pulling underwear up and down. 


The Basic Idea

First, undress to your panties.

Start your phone timer (or get a clock or watch that shows seconds) and put it on the floor in front of you where you can see it.

1) Spend 30 seconds with your hands on your head, breathing slowly and deeply.

2) When time is up, begin to pull down your panties – slowly! – this should take you 30 seconds.

3) Then put your hands on your head and wait whilst exposed for another 30 seconds.

4) Then pull your panties up – again slowly! – this should also take you 30 seconds.

Two minutes should now have elapsed on your timer.

Now go back to step 1 and repeat the process. 5 or 10 repetitions should get you excitedly wet or very stiff (yes, naughty boys can do them too).

If you need to ask permission from your disciplinarian to masturbate, do that now. If not, you may now enjoy yourself…

Variation 1: For Those Home Alone

If you don’t need to worry about making noise, for an extra thrill, have a slipper or hairbrush nearby and give yourself a spank every time you pull your panties up or down.


Variation 2: For Those with a Partner

Introduce the story to your partner, so they’re familiar with what it’s all about.

Then rather than using a timer, your partner can give you the instruction to pull your panties up or down.

For extra spice, your partner can ask also intimate questions, just like the headmistress does in the story.

You know what happens when you’ve finished your Ups and Downs… over the knee for a good hard spanking.

And remember, if you’re good, your partner might give you a happy ending…

What would you do if I knocked on your door and told you I’d been a very naughty girl?

Oh really?

Well, do come in.

Will you join me for a cup of tea?

Here, please sit down.

So, what’s all this about being a very naughty girl?

Tell me, everything.

Oh, I see.

Goodness me.

Such smutty misbehaviours.

I see your hands are trembling.

And your chest is heaving.

You seem to have found your little confession rather exciting.

Is this what you like to read about?

Imagining yourself knocking on the headmaster’s door.

That walk of shame up to his desk.

Head bowed, hands crossed coyly at your waist.

Is that what excites you?

The act of confession.

Exposing your conscience.

The relief of revealing your intimate secrets.

Or what comes afterwards?

I think you know what happens to naughty girls.


An apt post for International Literacy Day, a celebration of the power of the written word.

I wonder if it’s a Grimoire?

Naughty Game #2: The Panty Pulling Chair

Those who were aroused by the prospect of having their panties pulled tight, as described so excruciatingly in Punishment Panties, are likely to find this new game very enjoyable.


How To Play

First, get a chair with a seat back.
Get some strong cord or string.
Get several cushions.
Put all cushions on seat, they should be about level with the seat back.
Reach around to the small of your back, and put the cord through the leg holes at the top of your panties.
Now sit on the cushions.
If your feet are off the ground, you might want to put something like a small box or pile of books under them so you don’t wobble off balance.
Reach back and tie the ends of the cord to the seat back.
If you’re alone, it’s a good idea to tie it in such a way that you can untie it yourself afterwards, otherwise, keep a pair of scissors within reach!
Now lift your weight up slightly and remove one of the cushions.
Sit down again and you should feel your panties being tugged up.
Linger and enjoy the sensation, then when you’re ready, remove the next cushion.
Then sit down again.
Continue until you’ve removed all the cushions.
If you’re using something to rest your feet on, you can push it away at this point too, so more of your weight is pulling on your panties…

As you dangle, perhaps you’ll reach down and rub yourself like a naughty girl, or perhaps you’ll put your hands on your head, and take your punishment like a good girl.

For even more intense sensations, try wearing a butt plug, dildo or small vibe inside your panties. Or sitting down on a spanked bottom.

If you want to get your partner involved, you can also incorporate the pulling chair into roleplaying. For instance, position your pulling chair in front of a desk or table, as if you’ve been sent to the detention room.
On the desk, have something to write on (either paper or an electronic device).
Have your disciplinarian take you to the chair and tie up your panties (or do it yourself if they’re far away).
Then he or she will whip away one of the cushions, and instruct you what to write about, like why pulled panties and spankings help discipline naughty girls.
Every now and then, he or she will remove another cushion – or tell you when to do it.
And then afterwards, depending on the quality of your essay, you might get your panties slowly pulled down for a thorough inspection.
You might even get a spanking too.


It could be the start of something new.

“Do I need to send you to the panty-pulling chair?” he asked.

She shivered.

And he knew a new punishment had been discovered.

can we please have more naughty games? i love them so much!

Yes, another one will be posted this weekend!

In the meantime, here’s the link to the first game, Squirm, for those who might have missed it…

Question of the Month: Who would you like to spank you?

There’s been a wide range of spankers in my stories, some strict, some ingeniously inventive, some harsh and dominant, others more tender and sensual.

So, if you could choose one character from these stories to discipline you, who would it be?


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