I shall be posting my latest story, “Inevitable” tomorrow night, a futuristic tale of desire and dominance. 

Here’s a little teaser:

“I fetch the little gilded envelope, tentatively sliding my finger under the flap at the back. A stiff plain white card slips out, its sharp corners pricking my fingertips. On it is just a single word:


So this is my destiny tonight, The Algorithm’s choice, the result of meticulously analysing my sexual peccadilloes. The Algorithm learns what its patrons like, it is capable of unlocking our deepest secrets, not by deception, or by mind probes or truth drugs, but simply by experimenting – and watching.

What is inevitable? I wonder, as I put on the gown they’ve left for me. An orgasm? I’d be extremely disappointed if I didn’t experience lots of those this evening. But Sexcapade is more subtle than that, the names they gave their sessions are often obtuse, cryptic puzzles you often only work out near the end…”

I wonder, can you work it out?

What do you think is Inevitable?