Astutely spotted. Yes, the world described in Inevitable is still almost recognisable as our own. There are cultural differences, reflecting the current trend of social liberalisation. Fifty years ago, being gay was a crime punishable by imprisonment, now gay couples can marry. Who knows what our attitude to sex will be a hundred years from now?

The other key difference was technology, Sexcapade is the descendent of today’s data-driven tech companies, the ones that use algorithms to decide what to show us, that conjure ads designed to tempt us. It’s all done implicitly. I loved the idea of taking this to the logical conclusion, attempting to capture every possible signal from our hidden sexual selves, and using it to contrive experiences that become progressively more and more compelling.

Here’s a revelation from behind the scenes: the first draft of the story featured a questionnaire. But then I realised that a process that didn’t involve questions was far more intriguing. Because we all have masks to wear, our minds keep secret what we really desire, but if you can read the language, you’ll know our bodies never lie…

It’s Inevitable.