Here’s something to imagine, Your Highness, as you sit upon your Throne.

Your Ladies-In-Waiting, each naked, apart from a filigree of leather around their waists, which holds this little brass device in place. 

See how it parts their most intimate lips to your regal eyes, truly they have no secrets to keep from you, Majesty.

Standing obediently in the edge of your dais, a few paces in front of your golden throne. What a delight it is, watching them glisten in the throneroom’s flickering candlelight.

What a joy it is to see them seep and drip, aroused by the punishments and erotic activities performed for your entertainment. How they like to watch a girl dance upon the wooden horse, and witness the whippings of miscreants brought from the dungeons. 

You have warned your courtesans not to touch themselves. A little brass hood covers each girl’s clit, shielding her pearl from her straying fingers. Yet you are generous, Majesty, prepared to call a girl to your side when necessary, and slide a royal finger between their legs.

What a delight it is to see a girl wilt with joy, her knees buckling in an orgasmic curtesy. A demonstration of your regal power that makes you bear down resplendently upon the protrusion on your seat. 

Soon, you will dismiss the court, and be left alone with your eager aching courtesans. And there will be much pleasure enjoyed, as one by one, they begin to pay their tribute between your knees…

Image via wellredandremorseful – does anyone know the source, and if the item is available to buy?