The popular naughty games series has now reached 12 entries!

The goal of these games has been to devise creative ways of self-pleasuring, which could be played alone or together, or even over video with a long distance partner. To provide a more interactive way to enjoy yourself sexually, to make play more than just the sensations of touching yourself.

So, have you played them? What have been your experiences? What’s been your favourite? And what kind of activities or sensations would you like to see more of in future?

Perhaps more penetration games like Dildo Ritual or Throne?

Denial games like Squirm or Secret Reading?

Punishment games like Panty Pulling Chair or Straddle?

Serendipity games like Sensations or Words?

How about more self-spanking games like Naked Reading?

Or story re-enactment games like Ups and Downs?

Feel free to add your comments to this post, or use ask or submit if you’d like to say a bit more, and help inspire the next generation of naughty games!