This blog is about stories, and through these stories I hope to kindle your sexual desire. But surely we’re all red-blooded and horny, and sex itself is healthy and natural, so why would we ever need help fanning our flames?

Interesting question, isn’t it? Might it be that sexual desire doesn’t always come as naturally to us as we might expect?

This article is well worth reading, it describes aspects of sexual desire that we should all be familiar with – but aren’t. That we actually have two forms of arousal: spontaneous and responsive, the former when we anticipate something sexy, the latter that emerges in response to something sexy.

I bet most of us have grown up feeling that our desire is supposed to be completely spontaneous. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, wild and wanton. But what if such spontaneity doesn’t come naturally? The good news is: that’s perfectly normal (we just don’t tend to talk about it).

The remedy is to work on your responsive desire, think of it like your partner in crime in a heist movie: a little luck and lots planning . This article will tell you why you should have a getaway plan for your sex life. One where you can take inspiration from the erotic stories, games and fantasies you’ll find in this blog. That is, after all, why I create them…

The science of sexual desire