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May 2015

Your words leave me with no words. Do you by any chance have a masterpost of all your stories?

Yes, you’ll find a list of all my stories here, grouped by the major characters…

Feel free to share that post with others who might like it. Or just bookmark as your own naughty little secret…

Do you take any kind of requests?

As you may have seen from the last few posts, ideas, submissions and suggestions are always welcome. A creative blog should be a two-way dialogue with its audience, don’t you think?

Do you have any video porn recommendations? Spankings like your writing?

I have to confess I’m not a big fan of video porn. It can be arousing to watch a good spanking, whether it’s in porn, movies or real-life, and I know there are some cool ethical porn-makers like Pandora Blake at dreamsofspanking. But personally, I don’t watch porn. I find it much more satisfying to use my sexual energy creatively, to either play with others, or channel it into writing.

A while ago I wrote a post about why I prefer stories to porn, I recommend it, as it explains why you’re unlikely to see spankings like the stories you read here.

The main reason is that visual erotica comes fully rendered. It is created to gratify its viewers, preferably in about 10 minutes, and so it leaves little to the imagination. Porn is a performance piece, where the past is perfunctory, no need for history, motivations or backstory. As a result porn lacks drama and ambiguity, there’s little need for imaginings, we know a happy ending is inevitable, and we know we won’t miss a thing.

Stories, by contrast, require the reader’s participation. In the gap between reading words and understanding them, words magically condense into images, creating a world coloured by the reader’s unique mind. Stories inspire a one-off piece of theatre, conjured up and played out in the space between each reader’s ears. What I find so wonderful is that even if a story is read by a billion people, no two will ever imagine those same words exactly the same.

Visual porn is limited by real-world constraints, which require money to solve. Sets are expensive to create, actors need to be paid, post-production, editing, hosting and marketing all add additional costs.

But the cinema between your ears has no such constraints. You have a limitless special effects budget, your favourite actors, your pick of the world’s locations, and you in the director’s chair. All you need is a good screenplay, but I give those away for free…

Dear diary, or should I say, dear Spanking Theatre,

I have wanted to be spanked for as long as I can remember. Since my early teenage years I was dreaming about someone – does not matter, a man or a woman, telling me in a strict and serious voice – it is time for you to be spanked, young lady. I was imagining countless bending overs, pulling down panties, exposing my bare bottom to the firm hand of my disciplinarian.

Although I always got very aroused after having had these thoughts and I always could come easily, allowing my fingers to wander around my most intimate parts, I have never imagined purposive erotic spanking. No, it was too simple, too straightforward for me. What I needed was getting wet under a hand, a belt or a paddle of a strict governess or a teacher whose aim was to discipline me and not to give me a sexual pleasure. That was a sense of deep embarrassment and of fear that my ultimate naughtiness and licentiousness would be revealed, that brought me on a brink of orgasm.

No wonder I discovered the pleasures of self-spanking very soon. I was craving for well-thrashed bottom and I was very open-minded about the implements – everything with a flat surface was probed on my bottom. Slippers and rulers, even kitchen utensils were of use. I discovered that the most painful spanking comes from a hairbrush and that the most permanent marks are left by a ruler. I took photos and made short video tapes, capturing me disciplining myself. I still keep the best of them in the most secret map in my laptop. But self-spankings can become quite tedious if practiced for a long time. So it was time for me to find a real disciplinarian.

At that point in time I wasn’t very keen on the idea of starting a real life relationship which would include spankings. That is why I started to search for spanking communities in the Internet. It did not take a long time to find a person who corresponded to all my needs. Our communication was not very long but was quite enjoyable. We used to have a “Punishment Diary” where I had to write down on a weekly basis all my misdemeanours and all the punishments received. The aim of this diary was to check how fast my behaviour would improve with regular punishments. Though they were still applied on my bottom with my own hand, it was another person who was ordering them; it was another person who examined the photos of my freshly spanked, red and sore bottom. 

I still remember some phrases from my disciplinarian’s letters: “after the corner time go back to your desk, sit down and study hard – do not put on your panties!”; “stay in the middle of the room so that a belt has a lot of space to strike your bottom hard enough”; “no serious misbehaviour this week – it seems that punishments are really efficient! But it looks to me that you are a kind of a girl who needs regular discipline. But this time you can keep on your panties”.

Somehow this all faded away and I was now left alone with my dark desires. I was older, more experienced and I wanted to merge my sexual activities and predilection for spanking. I admit now – I have been spanked by my long-term partner a few times. It is always erotic spanking and never – a disciplinarian one, a spanking from my fantasies. I am not sure I want to practice it with him – some fantasies are better kept fantasies.

It gives me bigger pleasure to wander through the Spanking Theatre, imagining myself in the leading part of all stories which unfold in these texts. I have been Stephanie, doing her Ups and Downs, I have been naughty Natalie from “Abstract Art”, I have re-enacted the whole “Inevitable” story in my mind countless times. I have been both Alice and Penny – oh, this is my favourite! These stories never fail to give me a full satisfaction.  

I love language (and this is probably the main reason why I am writing this letter) – even whispering words such as “spanking”, “bottom inspection”, “bare bottom”, “naughty girls get spanked bottoms” makes my pussy swollen and wet, makes me undertake serious efforts not to bend over the nearest table or chair, not to stick out my bottom in search of a merciful hand which would grant me with so wanted trashing. Reading about spanking is certainly as enjoyable as having it – especially if one goes after another. A wet pussy and a red bottom make a perfect combination. It has been already a decade since I discovered this fact, which brightens my adulthood a lot…

Thank you to predilectionforblasphemy for this wonderful submission. I think your words will resonate with hundreds of others, those who have long cherished a fascination in spanking, its rituals, actions and sensations. 

As I’ve written before, some do prefer to keep certain fantasies secret, even from their lovers, because they prefer to enjoy them privately – and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. I began writing these stories as a means to explore my own imagination, and along the way happened to discover thousands of readers who used them to explore their own too.

Whilst some relationships do manage to combine love and discipline, I know many are reluctant to ask a lover to truly punish them. It is quite natural, we court our lovers by presenting our very best side, it’s no wonder many of us are wary of revealing our misbehaviours and vulnerabilities. And so often our desire for discipline is hidden away, craved but suppressed.

Stories are a medium for exploring these feelings. Some will be content to recreate the stories in their minds, whilst others will feel the need for physical sensations too – and for those people, I believe self-spanking is as natural an activity as the masturbation that might accompany it. That’s why I created the set of naughty games to accompany many of the stories, so readers can physically experience what I describe, whether they choose to play with a partner or by themselves.

I agree entirely that reading about a spanking can be as enjoyable as having one, it’s the founding principle of this blog, that wonderful experiences can be brought to life in the theatre between your ears. And those who’ve tried it know, a wet pussy and a red bottom do make a perfect combination.

So, thank you for writing and eloquently putting into words what I believe thousands of other readers also feel – that for those lucky enough to discover it, spanking is a treasure to be cherished. And whether a warm bottom is merely imagined, or enjoyed openly or behind closed doors, life would be much poorer and blander without it.

I hope those who agree with your sentiments will share this, for many it will make sense of that peculiar longing for discipline, and why stories and fantasies matter. It deserves to be widely read.

Caught by my Governess

An anonymous reader writes:

I live in an apartment complex that has a golf course connected to it. I was watching some geese outside, when something caught my attention.

By hole 18, there was a couple walking on the golf cart path. Suddenly the guy sat on a bench, and pulled the girl across his knees. He pulled up her skirt and started to spank her. I could hear each time his hand landed on her bottom. I counted 10 in total. I wish I had been closer or had some binoculars within reach.

After the spanking, the couple disappeared off into the direction of some trees. I wonder if they are under the cover and fucking. Or maybe he took her there to spank her more thoroughly. Whichever it may be, I could tell they couldn’t wait to get home.

I am such a naughty girl. I not only spied on this couple, I got wet from their private exchange. 

I wonder what a governess would do if she had caught me spying…

I KNOW she would have pulled me across her lap, and would have spanked me for spying. I KNOW I would be getting spanked for getting wet…

I think I am going to enjoy this fantasy. The main question is….would a strict governess allow such a naughty girl to orgasm? What kind of spanking device would she use? Would she stick a finger into my wet, tight pussy? Would she play with my pearl? Would she make me wear my princess plug all night? Knowing it would make me squirm? Would she make me wear punishment panties? Would she make me do up downs? Would she tell the Master my indiscretions?

Hmm….I really wonder…

Thank you very much indeed for your submission. You’ve been very fortunate to witness a real-life spanking, such vivid memories can linger a lifetime and provide the fuel for countless fantasies.

The reaction of your governess would depend on whether she caught you spying with your hand up your skirt. In any case, expect to be taken by the hand and marched home. Then I’d expect she’d tell you to get undressed and then bend over so she could thoroughly inspect between your legs. It would be quite obvious how excited you’d become watching that spanking. 

If you had been caught playing I believe she’d make you kneel in front of her with your legs wide apart, and ask you to describe what you saw whilst stroking yourself. You’d tell her about the spanking you witnessed, and she’d tell you about the spanking you have in store. You’d beg to go over her knee now, but your governess would tell you: not until you climax. You know spankings are always sorest after an orgasm. But you know you deserve a sore bottom, and so your finger begins to slide inside your tight wet entrance.

Your governess is scolding as you play, telling you what a naughty girl you are, what a long hard spanking you’ll be getting. Your fingers are sticky with your own juices, your pearl is throbbing. You try to hold back, but know you’ve gone too far. She pulls you up from the floor and across her knee and smacks your bare bottom until you come, moaning and squirming across her lap.

And then your punishment really begins, her firm hand spanking steadily, your bum now exquisitely tender and sensitive. You try to take your discipline like a good girl, resisting the urge to cry and plead, even though your bottom is hot and stingy.

When your spanking finally stops, your governess helps you off her lap, and you obediently bend over in front of her for your customary bottom inspection. She scrutinises your blushing cheeks and slippy lips with humiliating thoroughness.

Then its time to step into a pair of plain white punishment panties, which your governess pulls up snug to your waist. She escorts you to the hallway, where there’s a chest-high rail, you stand on tiptoes with your back to your home’s front door, and she cuffs your hands in front of you, and then ties your panties tight.

Then she leaves you dangle, your panties pulling ever tighter between your slit. The strict Master of the House will be returning soon, and when he opens the front door, your naughty pink bottom will be the very first thing he sees…

This gorgeous composition from @predilectionforblasphemy demonstrates the beautiful blush a hairbrush can gave a spanked bottom, they write:

“I wonder why there are still no hairbrushes in your spanking implements gallery. I find hairbrushes to be extremely efficient in spanking small round bottoms. Hairbrush gives a very pleasant stinging sensation and provides vivid and persistent redness.”

And I quite agree, I’d love to see more hairbrushes in the gallery. Thank you for your submission!


There was an earthquake here in the south of England last night. 


It woke me. I peered into the darkness as the house shook and creaked around me. Distant windows squeaked. Faraway furniture rattled.

And I dozed back to sleep I couldn’t help wondering: if Amelie was right, and people are having orgasms all the time nearby, there must have been some who were fucking right when the tremors hit. How cool would that have been? 

To climax as the bed shook underneath you, the ground’s quivering oscillations adding to your own.

The ultimate threesome with Mother Earth.

Another submission to the on-going gallery of spanking implements, this time from the lovely crunchiepink, who writes:

“Needs no explanation. It’s @crunchiesman bare hand ❤️.”

“My favorite toy – a custom 4’ whip made by RitzKracker.” – masterbobi

A lovely, and fearsome item. Thanks for sharing!

Do implements reflect the personalities of their owners? What’s your favourite?

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