Adventurous reader twogaygirls writes:

The inspection game sounds marvellous. I wasn’t the anon who requested it, but I fell in love with the idea of it instantly!

My partner and I have already been experimenting. We’ve got some ‘orgasm gels’ from Lovehoney, which you’re supposed to put it on your clit for best stimulation – but, as it’s us, we wanted to experiment with how it’d feel on my bottom. 

I used both Tracey Cox’s orgasm gel, which is more like a lubricant, which is good because we have curious prodding fingers; and the Pin Up balm, which is disguised as a lip balm; it’s absolutely perfect and packs a punch!

So I propped up some pillows and we teased a little beforehand and she used her thumb to spread some balm around my bottom hole. This stuff only takes seconds to work, so I had to hold myself apart and she just sat and watched as it kicked in, and something about the humiliation and the stimulation of the gel was too exciting for me. 

She inched in closer to inspect me and by this point I was holding my breath because any touch would have been enough; but she just watched. 

The gel takes a few minutes before wearing off, and it was pure torture. She used her thumbs to spread my entrance further and watched it all as I twitched and dripped before eventually indulging me.

We’ll definitely be doing THAT again; it was intense.

Thanks for sending your experiences, I hadn’t thought of using those kind of gels that way, but it makes perfect sense. A bottom inspection should involve as little touching as possible, it is a activity of mental arousal, a visual treat for the inspector, and an erotic experience that verges on humiliation for the one being inspected. Using the gel helps provide an intense physical sensations without requiring any further touching. I like it.