An anonymous reader writes:

Dear SpankingTheatre,

I suppose I should preface by saying that your stories are a favourite past-time of mine. I’ve spent many an evening curled under the covers, one hand scrolling through my iPad, the other between my legs. My boyfriend Jacob is an excellent spanker, but I never shared them with him. I can’t think why, but I guess I just enjoyed that flushed sensation of naughtiness and rebellion that comes with reading a good story.

Around two months ago, Jacob discovered me reading the Throne of Shame and touching myself- he was quite intrigued, to say the least. He instructed me to point out my favourite works, the ones that have me wet on every re-read. I showed him Throne of Shame, Punishment Panties, and Ups and Downs.

“I see,” he said, and then said no more.

A fortnight passed, and in that time he slowly began to introduce two things: Punishment Panties, and Ups & Downs. He enjoys punishment panties during a spanking- and let me tell you, there is nothing more humiliating than being jerked around by panties wedged tightly between my cheeks! I’m a petite girl, and he easily controls my body with one pull on the waistband when I’m over his lap.

Jacob is terribly sneaky, and has devised an awful way of using Ups & Downs. When I’m to be punished, he’ll instruct me to stand in the corner. He’ll come up behind me, slowly pull my skirt or shorts down to my feet, and order me to step out of them. Then he’ll take a seat on the sofa at the opposite end of the room. Exactly as in your story, he’ll begin ordering. No talking in between, no spanking in between. I squirm a lot, because the anticipation gives me chills, and I’ll tell you why: he doesn’t always spank me. Sometimes, he’ll finish with a “Pull them up”, and once they’re up, I’m ordered to kneel in the corner for an hour. Other times he’ll end with “Step out”, and then tell me I’m not to touch myself for the next 48 hours. When it’s really a spanking, by the time he commands me to approach him and get over his lap, I’m a shaking bundle of nerves and anticipation, and also soaking wet… exactly how he likes it.

Of course, as you might have noticed, one particular story is missing from this account. Well, he fixed that last week. He brought in an odd-looking thing, a waist-high panel of wood a few inches thick, and strong enough to hold 150 kg, he informed me, proudly- it would certainly hold my weight of 50 safely. At the top, a stick resembling a broom-handle is affixed, and the front has a block of wood to hold onto. 

“This,” Jacob said, “is your throne of shame.”

SpankingTheatre, the spankings I have received on that panel of wood over the last week are awful, exciting, painful, arousing, terrible things. Thank you.

Thank you for this wonderfully evocative submission.

I can understand your inclination to keep your story reading secret, another reader has recently said something similar, but I’m delighted to hear your surreptitious discovery inspired your partner to such marvellous creativity.

I believe erotic stories should arouse and inspire imaginations. A good story should provide a whole new set of erotic possibilities, and be compelling enough to encourage its readers to explore and experiment. I hope those reading about your experiences will themselves be inspired to play out aspects of their favourite stories. And if anyone happens to be stuck for inspiration, the naughty games series of posts might help.

Whether you play alone, or with your partner, I wish you all great fun and memorable erotic adventures. And perhaps one day, I hope you’ll also want to write and share them – and that your words will prove the inspiration for others, the next link in a gloriously inventive chain…