Reader duckysposts writes:

I first read Coming of Age at work. I’d started with just an initial perusal, but I couldn’t help but continue reading, quickly devouring words as the story spurred me forward, anxious for more of the plot. 

And when I was done, I was surprised by my level arousal (thank you for that!). That got me started “brainfucking”, as I like to call it, pondering just why I’d become so aroused.

I’ve read part one a few times now and pick up on something different each time. It is delicious! I was quite surprised that the female dominant role would appeal to me that much, and that’s made me read it again several time since, each time an opportunity to pay better attention to my own reactions.

I particularly like the beginning and end, with our narrator bound, I am excited by his inner monologue v. his current circumstance.

I identified with the little voyeurism from under the stairs; that level of forbidden behavior. However my mind takes me to being the woman on the stairs who knows he’s looking and offers him his glimpses…unbeknownst to him.

Ms Snow’s dominance is revealed, but subtly, with “…radiate a presence that made those around her eager to please…” I love that!

I felt transported to her office, as if I were on that couch watching the scenes unfold.

The impropriety of it all; him being a youth and she an adult. I know that dynamic is there but I forget it, lost in the eroticism of it all.

“…almost never got to know her at all…” I’m anxious to learn how their relationship ends!

And our narrator…is he in control or is his audience of one? Again, his inner dialogue paired with his physical circumstance and his “confession” of sorts…such intriguing dynamics at play; opposites it would seem!!

Do you want to know what happened the first time I read it?

As I was at work, immediate gratification wasn’t possible. But then again, I do enjoying being edged. So the arousal I experienced was at least a workday long.

Once at home I took my time, knowing my pleasure could be slow and deliberate. The only decision to be made: toys or simply my hands?

My favorite glass dildo was awaiting me, in my freezer. My wand…plugged in and at the ready. Plugs? Always a good choice. However there is something about using just my fingers and my hands. The continued familiarity, knowing the details. The muscle memory.

And so with my favorite cocktail (G and T) and the chaise lounge in my bedroom, I set about my delicious task.

The initial arousal lingered. I could set my pace and so slowly I began, squeezing breasts and pinching nipples to strict attention. All the while, hips shifting and undulating, encouraging the wetness that had persisted all day.

Ice from my drink, circling my hardened nipples causing additional shudders throughout.

Legs together as I use my palm for pressure atop my mound, flexing internal muscles as if clutching a cock inside of me.

Middle finger slowly parting my lips to graze my clit and beyond to dip into my wetness. Inside me and up to my mouth, relishing my taste. Even the feel of my own tongue licking my finger sends current through my body.

Legs spread now inviting my fingers to explore, tease, pleasure.

Invitation accepted as I circle my clit, my lips bathed in wetness. Inside of me…one and then two..sliding slowly in and out. Hips rise and fall with my growing rhythm. My other hand, increasing pressure on my nipples.

Ice. Oh…exquisite ice. Over and around my folds, the cold melting traces causing involuntary muscle reflexes. Sharp coldness on my throbbing clit. Then inside me, remaining there to melt completely.

The urge and need to come overtakes my own teasing. I rub my clit more forcefully, spanking and rubbing in deliberate rhythm. Back arching. Mouth open as my breathing quickens. My sex, my body…aching to be filled and to not come empty.

Thumb on my clit, fingers thrusting inside, hips rising and thighs opening and closing for added pressure.

And finally, the stuttering of my muscles as my orgasm begins, moments before I lose control, bucking involuntarily as my muscles forcefully grab and pull me… unleashing the day long desire your wicked words had accumulated.

Thank you for your exquisitely described submission. I’m delighted the story was able to stoke a lingering lust that lasted all day, and enjoyed the meticulous detail of how you were ultimately satisfied. Ice is great substance to play with, especially during these hot summer days.

As for your questions, I hope they will be answered next week, when I post the second half of the story…