This book is amazing and highly inappropriate. I can’t believe it was written in 1926. It’s a must-read!

Some more facts on this great book from Wikipedia:

The Manuel de civilité pour les petites filles à l’usage des maisons d’éducation (English: Handbook of behaviour for little girls to be used in educational establishments) is an erotic literary work by the French writer Pierre Louÿs, written in 1917 and published posthumously and anonymously in 1927.

It takes the form of a parody of the rigorous educational handbooks of the time, and is thus composed of short pieces of advice (generally a sentence or two) arranged into topics: “At home”, “Duties towards your mother”, “In class”, etc. The tone of the work is sharp, even concise, the style particularly believable and chatty. The Handbook of civility is undoubtedly the most subversive work of Louÿs, a true attack against the middle-class puritanism of the Belle Époque.

For instance, the “Glossary” which opens the work comprises this warning:

“We have considered it useless to explain the words: cunt, slit, fanny, mound, cock, tail, bollock, testicle, cum (verb), cum (noun), erectionmasturbate, suck, lick, pump, kiss, fellate, screw, fuck, ass-fuck, ejaculate, dildo, lesbian, dyke, sixty-nine, cunnilingus, cute, whore, brothel. These words are familiar to all little girls.”