An anonymous reader writes:

Yesterday, I was quite a naughty girl. My thoughts largely idling on the punishment that awaited me once I returned home from work. I knew I was going to end up with a very hot pink bottom… one that had been very well deserved.

Yet somehow instead of feeling petulant, I felt aroused.
With wonderful ache throbbing between my legs, I couldn’t wait to
return home to bend over my pillows to administer the punishment you
deemed I’d earned.

Shall I fully detail you the
events of my evening punishment? Or shall I tease you with only a few
small details? The idea of toying with your patience is rather appealing…

I’ve been such a good girl so far… following all of your instructions
to the letter. I’d hate to falter now and fail to follow the last one:
sharing my experience.

Are you ready?

I got home, I dumped my work messenger bag and keys on my floor. I
could tidy up later. I eagerly walked to my fridge, seeking out the root
I’d painstakingly carved the night before. Unwrapping it from its
plastic, the ginger felt wet and cool to my touch, but I knew it would
not stay cool for long. Delicious anticipation coiled in my low in my
belly. My lips parted… I couldn’t wait any longer.

in my bedroom, I stripped slowly, savoring the feeling of my silk
blouse brush against my skin, sending shivers down my spine. I slowly
lowered my skirt.. forcing myself to hang it properly in my closet
rather than discard it on the floor. My eyes drifted to my bed. settling
on the spot in the middle… where I would soon be laying over a pile
of my pillows. Dressed only in my bra and panties, I walked to my bed
and slowly… deliberately… piled my pillows. 

I laid the ginger next
to the pillows, and then thought about the spanking implement I wanted
to choose. Would I stick with something familiar, and use my hairbrush?
Or would it be the wooden ruler I’d hastily snatched from the office
supply closet and stashed in my messenger bag on my way out of my
officer earlier. After wrestling internally for a few moments, I settled
on utilizing both instruments in my correction.

doing a thorough inspection in my floor length mirror, I determined I needed a shave…. with one lingering look back at the items laid out for my
punishment, I went into my bathroom. I had meant to only shave myself…
but I was feeling particularly needy at this point. The quick, furious
rubbing I gave myself at work did nothing to ease my ache… if anything
it made me more desperate for release. In between the strokes of my
razor, I dipped my fingers between my lips, rubbing my clit… teasing
my entrance, but never quite dipping inside. My instructions didn’t
forbid it…but I thought I shouldn’t come before I completed my

After much teasing, and…
moaning… I finally finished shaving myself bare. My fingers brushed
over my smooth mound once more before I returned to my bedroom. Opening
my laptop, I navigated to “Sandalwood and Ginger” and placed it in front
of my pillows. I swallowed hard… anticipation tingling intensely
between my legs. It was time.

I bent over my
pillows… hands holding my bottom apart… just as you instructed…
Shivers ran through my body as I felt the cool air tickle my little
hole… I started reading. I thought this would be the easy part.
Chapter Two had quite a bit of material before it got to the part where
Adrian began figging Leila. I hadn’t counted on how distracting… and
delicious… the sensations of cool air moving across my spread bottom
would feel. I was slick with arousal… my lips tingling… aching to be
touched.. I whimpered but kept reading…

Finally! Finally I reached the part where Leila straddles the booth to be teased…
to be figged in front of everyone… I picked up the ginger.. and just
as you told me I slowly circled my bottom hole… dipping the ginger
down into my slick arousal and drawing it up to my bottom. The ginger
was leaving a lovely burning tingle in its wake. My lips started feeling
the heat… and I squirmed.. trying to decide if I wanted to jerk my
legs together or spread them wider. I read on, keening slowly as the
ginger started its devilish work. 

And then I got to the part where I had
lost my game of Squirm and broken the rules… to where Adrian pushed
the ginger all the way in… to when he bent down and whispered “Good Girl” into Leila’s ear. 

Gritting my teeth, I pushed the ginger all the
way in… deeply… my bottom hole opened and accepted the ginger plug..
and I gasped at the sensation. This was the first time I’d ever
pushed something into my little hole. I loved it. I clenched… and
cooed… breathing hard as I adjusted to the feeling of something
pressed deep between my cheeks…. and then the burning started. 

squirmed in earnest… fisting my sheets in my hands, squirming a top my
pillows, moaning aloud. The heat intensified, and felt like it sent a
jolt straight to my clit… I wanted to take it out… I wanted to push
it in deeper… I wanted the heat to stop… and I wanted more…. 

remained as still as I could.. trying to adjust to the ginger… but the
heat kept growing… my moans were getting louder… and my squirming
more intense… how long would I last? Determined to follow your
directives I slowly let go of the sheets… As my body squirmed, and
tried to make sense of the new sensations it was feeling.. I reached out
and gripped the ruler. It was time for me to receive a good… hard…

The first crack of the ruler made
me clench down on the ginger, making the burning an inferno. I groaned..
and squirmed… and spanked myself again. Reflexively I clenched
again.. and yelped… the burning of the ginger was so intense. I was
panting… and wiggling… trying to escape the burning feeling…
fisting my sheets in my one free hand, I brought the ruler down once
more… and again… faster… one right after another… until I
reached 20 stokes.. At this point the ginger was a blaze in my bottom…
My face flushed from the sensations and my attempts to control my
moaning. My bottom was glowing… and beginning to blush a lovely shade
of red. 

By this time I thought the heat of the ginger would die down… but the
burning lingered on… I bit down on one of the pillows beneath me and
continued my spanking.. bringing the ruler down.. again and again… I
tried not to clench.. I tried to relax as much as possible… without much success. With each strike of the ruler I couldn’t help clenching my
bottom cheeks together, causing the ginger to burn hot.. I
simultaneously loved and hated the ginger’s fire. 

My slick little slit
was dripping my arousal beneath me, I desperately craved something
inside me… my walls quivering with need. I gasped and panted as I
fought the dual sensations of the burning heat in my ass, and the
intense arousal.. my clit twitching madly. I continued to read.. and
spank myself as Leila was… until finally her ordeal in the bar was over..
and her highwayman invited her off the booth she was straddling. I
sighed in relief.. and dropped the ruler. 

continued to read the story… trying to distract myself from the
burning in my bottom, and constant twitch of my clit.. it was torment. My groans were becoming louder… I continued to grip
the sheets in an effort to both manage the intense heat.. and to keep from
burying my hands between my legs. I blushed furiously at the sounds I
was making… I had never been driven to be so vocal… the feeling was
intoxicating.. and almost too much…I still could not tell if I wanted
it to stop, or if I wanted even more..

I got to
the part towards the very end… where Leila receives a spanking for
her childhood naughtiness. I reached out and picked up my hairbrush…. I
began my spanking again. This time I could not control my voice,
squealing and groaning with every spank… each delicious clench reigniting
the burn in my bottom. 

I spanked myself over, and over.. bringing my hairbrush down
hard on my already pink cheeks. Reading intently.. I made it through
Leila’s final spanking… through her inspection… through the car ride
home.. I continued to bring the brush down… hard… the ginger burned
fiercely.. and I squirmed and moaned… until quite suddenly.. I had finished
the story. The hairbrush slipped through my fingers and I grinned at
what I was allowed to do next.

I spread my legs apart wide, and desperately thrust my fingers inside myself… deeply…
roughly… furiously pumping in… and out… as I cried out and
clenched the ginger more tightly. My other hand moved over my clit..
fiercely rubbing in tight little circles. 

The heat from the ginger was
unbearable, but I didn’t want to take it out.. I wanted to come with a
ginger plug in my ass. I wanted to cry out, as my pleasure washed over
me… I wanted to remember this moment.. the moment I came like a
naughty little girl after being figged and spanked at someone else’s

It was that thought that made me tumble over into my
bliss. I clenched down hard on my fingers… and the ginger.. my toes
curling in spine tingling pleasure.. and I cried out… fingers moving
over my clit until it was too much and I rolled to my side… breathing

With a quivering hand I reached between my legs to grip the ginger
and pull it slowly out. I gasped and sighed as I removed the plug… a
warm tingling sensation remained, even after the ginger was removed. I
curled into a ball… one hand still between my legs… lazily stroking
my aching, sensitive clit.  

Maybe I didn’t spank myself hard enough… maybe I didn’t rain down smacks long
enough… because almost as soon as I’d finished the story… as soon as I
had finished chasing my pleasure – hands buried between my legs,
thrusting inside my tight, slick, little hole, ginger still hotly
glowing in my bottom – I collapsed on my side, a satisfied smirk on my
face, already toying with the idea of how I might misbehave again…

tell me Mr. Spankingtheatre.. did this account of my punishment arouse
you? You kept me aching.. and slick throughout my workday yesterday…
I’m very curious to know if the detailing of my experiences had a
similar effect on you…. I do hope so…

Thank you for this marvellous submissionI’m sure readers will agree, your account and your attention to detail is exceptional. 

What a naughty girl you’ve been. Squirming in wet panties at work, sneaking off to the office toilet to rub
yourself. A long hard spanking was the very least you deserved. And the intrusion of ginger deep into your bottom was poetic justice for your indiscipline.

As I read your confession, I suddenly found myself sitting in the corner of your bedroom, silently watching you undress. When you leave for the bathroom, I patiently await your return,
surveying the stage you’ve set for your punishment. The pile of pillows, the
ginger root in its little plastic tub, the hairbrush and the ruler,
already imagining the smacking sounds they’d make.

Then you
reappear. From the shadows I notice you’re now shaved bare. Your cheeks
are blushing, the lips of your pretty little slit pink and moist. I say
nothing. I am but a phantom in the corner of your eye.

see you place your laptop on the bed, and recognise the site you visit.
My words glowing on your screen. Sandalwood and Ginger.

over, my lips mime silently. And you do. You reach back to spread apart
your bottom cheeks, affording me, your invisible audience, a perfect
view of your little crinkled hole – where soon a ginger root will penetrate deep inside. I can already feel my arousal stir.

now it’s time. I see you pluck the thick root with trembling eager
hands, as if they’re under my control. Slowly circling your tight bottom hole, then dipping between your soaking slit, before drawing it upwards
to leave a burning tingle in its wake.
You squirm, half-wanting to squeeze your legs together, yet perhaps wanting
even more to spread them wider apart.

All the way in. I whisper.

don’t hear me, I’m just a whisper in your imagination, but you obey, gasping as the root intrudes. Squirming,
moaning, dancing atop your little pile of pillows waving your pretty
bottom in the air, the gnarly base of the ginger between your cheeks
prominent now, like some mountain summit cairn.

I look at
the ruler. Almost telekinetically, you pick it up. A good hard spanking I
command. The ruler begins to slap down on your bare bottom, with the full force a naughty girl deserves. I see you squirming on your pillows,
unable to satisfy the ache in your clit. 

Harder. Harder, girl. I whisper
as enjoy your bend-over dance. I see there is a sticky slick on your
pillow now.

And then the smacking stops. I see you
squirming, trying to maintain control, trying to distract yourself by
reading more of my salacious words. The sound of spanking has been replaced by
moaning, whimpering, heavy breathing.

Such a naughty girl, I say silently. I don’t think your bum is pink enough yet. 

pick up your hairbrush, spanking hard and deliriously fast, eager to
reach the story’s end. You finish reading at desperate pace, dropping
the hairbrush and plunging your hand urgently between your legs. I want
you to come with the ginger deep in your bottom, so an inexplicable
feeling makes you keep it there.

In the shadows, far away, I hear you climax, crying out aloud as a storm of delirium sweeps your body. 

I watch as you lie there stroking, squirming, gasping. When you eventually raise your face from the sheets, I see the width of your ecstatic smile. 

And from the shadows realise I am very aroused indeed.