The latest in the ongoing series of naughty games! This post contains instructions for creating your very own wearable record of your erotic adventures.

This game may especially appeal to those turned on by the idea of shame and public naughtiness, but who’d prefer to do it secretly without the risk of public embarrassment. You can play alone discreetly, or share the secret together with a partner.

You will need:

  • some plain white cotton panties
  • an indelible fabric marker pen

The idea is you’ll use the indelible fabric marker to write permanently on the plain underwear each time you do something sexy outside your bedroom. Get a good quality marker that won’t wash off. This will turn your underwear into Naughty Panties, a wearable record of your erotic escapades.

How To Play

So, for instance, every time you masturbate outside your bedroom whilst wearing a pair of your Naughty Panties, you will draw a star onto your underwear using your fabric pen.

And if you climax, draw a circle (an O, fittingly) around the star.

You can also create many other symbols too. For instance, if you masturbate anally whilst wearing your Naughty Panties, either with your fingers or fucking with a plug, draw a B on its side. Again, draw an O around it if you come.

Or, if you go out wearing a butt plug for an extended period of time, draw a little picture of your plug when you get home…

Or, if you read an erotic story in public, draw a symbol representing a page. 

Likewise, if someone else sucks or masturbates you, give that experience its own symbol. By now, you should be getting the idea.

For added naughtiness, you want to set yourself a target for the number of naughty activities you commit outside your own bedroom every week. This might be in a public or office lavatory, somewhere outdoors or at a friend’s or relative’s house.

Another idea is after you’ve showered, put on a pair of your Naughty Panties and masturbate there and then, rubbing your juices all over them. Do not change your panties afterwards or shower again, and go out for the day smelling of sex.

When you wash your panties, best to use a low temperature and check the fabric marker ink doesn’t run. It would be a shame to obliterate the record of your naughty adventures.

If you ever run out of space to draw on a pair of panties, retire them to your underwear drawer and buy some more.

You might also like to write a short message on some of your Naughty Panties which you’d find embarrassing should anyone accidentally glimpse it, such as “I rub here” or “Not too hard please, Sir”.

If your underwear might be seen in a public changing room, isn’t it arousing that someone there might also have read this post, and may know exactly what your symbols mean.

Panties are the most intimate article of clothing you wear. They capture your erotic essence, your scent, your seepings. Consider your Naughty Panties to be your very own wearable sexual record, which you’ll keep just out of sight beneath your sensible clothes, always.

Bonus Ideas

If you play with yourself on consecutive days, draw a line between the symbols to represent a streak. What’s the longest streak you can establish?

You could get some small tag labels, and every now and then write a small confession on it. Perhaps something like “Last night, I was spanked” or “I’ve been a naughty girl” – and then attach it to your underwear. An erotic designer label no-one else will have.

If you masturbate once you return home after wearing your Naughty Panties, take them off and place them under your nose. Breathe in the scent of your accumulated arousal as you play with yourself.

If you have a partner or disciplinarian, your Naughty Panties provide the perfect excuse to inspect your underwear. Will they notice if any new symbols have been added? You might get a good spanking if they do.

Likewise, a related idea is that disciplinarians might like to use a plain white handkerchief to keep their own tallies, perhaps of the spankings or punishments they have administered, employing separate symbols for hand-spankings, paddlings, canings etc. It could be worn in his or her top pocket when you both go out. A secret code hidden in plain sight…