What I enjoy particularly are situations where the erotic secretly rubs against the fabric of the real world. Like a Harry Potter story, a magical world hiding in plain sight, existing concurrently with the mundane, the latter
never aware of the presence of the former.

Perhaps it will be someone going out wearing a plug in their bottom, or their spanked bum covertly radiating underneath their clothes, or a reader soaking her panties reading a hot story in public. Secret eroticism subtly brushing against the familiar activities of everyday life. For those so attuned, every day is suddenly brimming with thrilling
little erotic possibilities.

Those aroused by the thought of secret naughtiness might enjoy playing the latest furtive little game. Just imagine sitting down to Christmas dinner next week clandestinely wearing a pair of naughty panties, a confession of your sexual adventures concealed, just out of sight…

Perhaps here, you’ll find some enticing inspirations: