This wonderful reader-submitted review contains mild spoilers, so if you haven’t yet read the finale of the story, best do that first!

An anonymous reader writes:

I’ve been toying with the idea of what I wanted to write about Coming of Age since this morning. I feel like there is so much to say, so many parts of this story left a lingering impact, particularly the closing chapter. There were times I found myself laughing, charmed by the teasing banter. There were times an overwhelming sense of nostalgia was brought on as the words of this story reminded me of memories of the past long gone. And then there were the times I found myself squirming… my inquisitive fingers aching to slip beneath my sheets… needing to soothe the burning arousal flaring between my legs.

I think perhaps this is one of the stories of yours I’ve identified with the most, Mr. Spankingtheatre. Not necessarily with the specific direction of the beginning chapters – where the main character gleaned much of his sexual education, but I was able to draw parallels consistently. My interest was piqued throughout the entire tale. And once the first chapter was over, I found myself yearning for the next part of the story. Just barely able to contain my need to know what happens next.

I was surprised and utterly delighted by where the story had ended up. The use of different perspectives in the narrative thoroughly immersed me in the story. I was lost in the words of this world you had created. Somehow, you painted naughty and sometimes touching images in my mind.

Once I learned the final chapter was coming out, I started to fantasize just where the story may go. Admittedly, my little musings didn’t at all match what happened, which I think made it all the more delightful to read. I was continually surprised and intrigued to see what would happen next.

It had been awhile since I read the beginning chapters, so I thought I would tease myself. Let the anticipation build before seeing where the character’s story ended. I made myself read both chapters one and two before reading chapter three. It made for a tantalizing evening of fun.. scandalous little touches.. and of course an orgasm..or two.. Okay, okay. There were three.

Shall I walk you through some of the parts that resonated with me the most?

In the first chapter, the main character’s first introduction to spanking, and specifically the cane made my breath catch in my throat. My lips were parted, and I eagerly drank in the words fantasizing about how it would feel to be in his place, and remembering just what my first spanking felt like at the direction of my disciplinarian. The rich description of his pleading.. Miss Snow’s stern reprimand. And then the kiss of the cane.

I couldn’t help but rub rough little circles around my clit as I read about this caning. I danced on my fingers beneath my sheets as I ached and let little moans fall past my lips. I found myself yearning to be disciplined at the experienced hands of Miss Snow. I imagined myself pink faced, embarrassed as I pulled down my panties to expose my bottom for her scrutiny. How I would struggle to understand her cryptic instructions about “proper posture”, “proper gratitude” and lastly “acceptance”. I could imagine the lovely noise I’d make as I felt each strike. Each searing stroke. Oh, how I wanted it.

I groaned at the start of the second chapter. Miss Snow’s declaration that there would be no masturbation without her explicit permission. My little slit was slick with arousal as I thought about what a struggle that would be. A struggle I’ve experienced first hand… A rule admittedly I break fairly regularly. Sometimes it’s just so hard to resist, Mr. Spankingtheatre. I’m sure you understand. The trouble I have gotten into is partially your fault you know, you and your salacious writing! 😉

I sympathized with the main character’s struggle, while a devilish little grin spread across my face and my fingers slipped between my legs once more. It felt both naughty, and intensely gratifying.

I was intrigued by the frank questions the headmistress asked the main character. Candidly discussing such private matters… fantasies… desires… even how often he touched himself. I found myself blushing on his behalf. Suddenly thinking of how I felt when I had been asked similar questions. Little confessions and secrets pulled past my lips. I squirmed feeling both shy and immensely turned on. And then, his time with the headmistress had come to an end. I could almost feel the same sense of gratitude to her, and sadness at the closing of one of life’s chapters. I really enjoyed the mixture of emotions invoked.

And then… the third chapter. I was utterly delighted when I found out the person he was telling his story to in the beginning of the first two installments was this same girl the entire time! I think I may have actually internally squealed. I can’t believe I just admitted that.

I drank in their story together eagerly. Giggling at their teasing, coy flirtations. I was rooting for them! And then there was this particular scene. The scene on the train. Oh the scene on the train. When he removed her panties right there in the car, I felt myself clench. I was so wet. Utterly soaking. His stern commands.. brokering no argument. Saying she knew what happened to naughty girls.

I squirmed on my back. Fingers desperately seeking my throbbing little button once more. I curiously wondered what I would do if I was told to remove my dress and bra in the lavatory with the door unlocked. My face flushed..and I decided right then and there this was something I wanted to try.

And then the spanking in the bathroom. Being pressed against the wall. Nowhere to run, nowhere to dash away.. just having to stand there and take what he gave her. My breathing was ragged, chest heaving as I touched and moaned along with the story. I wanted to do this. Oh, can you even imagine? It was such an incredible scene. Caressing me in all the right places.

The ending was incredible. I felt like it was almost like an open door. Left up to the reader’s interpretation. Did they ever meet again? Or did life get in the way? Do they often think back on their adventure together?

I’d like to think they did meet again… and even if they didn’t end up together, they could fondly reminisce about the extraordinary adventure they shared… and how it shaped them. Forever.

This has become a little more lengthy than I had intended… So in short, let me say this: I truly loved this story. Thank you for writing it. Thank you for sharing it. And thank you for giving us readers something equal parts pleasure and equal parts lovely wistful nostalgia of our own coming of age tales.

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