This game is based on a couple of scenes in the story Punishment Panties, it involves erotic urination, a turn-on for many, but a few might find it distasteful, in which case I’d encourage them to choose another naughty game.

So if you’re curious, and prepared to be adventurous, you might want to read that story and see whether you find the idea arousing.

This game is presented as four different scenarios, so you can choose the one that appeals most.

Scenario 1 – Wetting and Masturbating

This is a scenario for girls, as boys won’t be able to pee whilst erect, and will be familiar as the scene near the end of the Punishment Panties story.

Start when you feel you need to wee, begin masturbating, get yourself close but don’t climax.

Then go to the bathroom and strip down to your panties. Don’t pull them down, obviously.

Once you are on the toilet, you may resume masturbating by slipping fingers into your panties. You may climax before, during or after you wet your panties. In the story, Alice takes herself to the edge, wets herself partially, and then rubs herself to climax whilst letting go completely…

Scenario 2 – Wetting and Cornertime

Stand in the bath (or shower). Imagine you’re standing with your hands on your head, waiting for your disciplinarian to fetch you, and take you to be spanked. You need the loo, but you’ve been told you absolutely must stay in position. Feel your trepidation grow, and how your anxiety increases your urge to pee. Then, suddenly it’s time, a firm hand seizes your arm, and you wet yourself.

Alternatively, you could be sent to the corner after you have been spanked, feeling the sting from your sore bottom slowly being overwhelmed by the ache of your bladder. But you’ve been told you are most definitely not to move. Stand with your hands on your head until you can hold back no longer, and wet yourself.

Scenario 3 – Wetting and Spanking

In this variation, you will stand (or kneel) in the bath or shower, and spank yourself until you pee.

As you are spanked, say aloud: “I’m a naughty girl (or boy) with a spanked bottom, and I’m going to pee my panties.”

Feel the heat building in your face as well as in your bottom, as the urge to pee becomes too great.

Finally, after you have wet yourself, stand up straight with your spanked bottom on display. You can choose to pull down your wet underwear to your ankles or leave it on.

Scenario 4 – Wetting and Begging (for couples)

This variation is for couples, and introduces not only an element of unpredictability, but the thrill of erotic jeopardy.

One partner sits on the loo, with their panties pulled up. If you enjoy bondage, tie their ankles together behind the toilet, and cuff their hands behind their back, so they are physically unable to rise.

The seated partner will then ask (and as the pressure builds, eventually beg) the other to be allowed to pull down their panties and relieve themselves.

The one in control should be equivocal, and inform them they might be allowed permission, but then ask what they would do for the privilege? Perhaps they might accept a week of spankings, or anal sex? Or agree not to wear panties in public, or clothes indoors. Or volunteer to serve for a period as a sex slave, with on-demand oral service. Or something else entirely.

What follows will be akin to an erotic negotiation of offer and counteroffer, with an auction-like urgency introduced by the growing pressure in their bladder.

The one in control can then decide whether to accept their desperate partner’s final plea, or cruelly deny them, watching them wet themselves utterly in a climactic humiliating final gush…

Handy Tips for Pee Play

  • Before playing, drink a glass or two of water an hour beforehand. Drinking water will dilute your pee and make it less smelly.
  • Handy hiking tip: if you’re properly hydrated your pee will be pale yellow (champagne coloured). Drink more if it’s darker. Tea counts.
  • After wetting your panties, take them off, put them in the sink and allow them to soak for a few minutes, you can even add a bit of handsoap. 
  • As for you, hop into the shower for a quick wash. Your wet panties can just be put into the laundry basket, they’ll be good as new when they come out of the washing machine.