Stern words
Softly spoken
Just loud enough
For passers-by to hear
Naughty brat!
Just you wait
‘Til we get home…

Not such a big girl now?
Led home by the hand
Footsteps stuttering
Tummy fluttering
Silently uttering
Internally muttering

I know how you love
Acting up in public
Challenging my presence
You also know the price
Of bratty disobedience
Taken straight home for
A little corrective adventure
Ten different spankings
All around the house

The front door clicks shut
I don’t know why you’re smirking, Missy
You may go to the living room
And get undressed
Nose in the naughty corner
And wait for me

I watch you from the doorway
Stroking and fondling
Your bare bottom cheeks
Soon to be stinging
Sore and pink
And peeping out from in between
Those cute round globes
Your plug’s gleaming glint
No doubt the origin of today’s
Display of bratty pique

Our spanking odyssey shall begin
Now, right here on the sofa
My strict finger beckons
Come hither, minx…

You drift slowly towards me
Chastely covering your
Stiff tits and smooth bare mound
One last coquettish act of innocence
Bending over with
A martyr’s grace

I lift my palm and let it fall
And feel you flinch as
It lands upon your flesh
Again, and again, until
A pretty pink blush begins
To seep across your pristine skin

Now, up you get, young lady
I expect to find you in the dining room
On the table
On your hands and knees

I wonder would our guests believe
That you get punished where they eat?
You hear this scratchy rustling sound
That’s me pulling out my leather belt
It stings so cruelly, yet
Still you push out for more
Which I reward by tugging your plug

To turn your whimpers into moans

Report to my study, girl
You may stand facing the bookcase
In silent contemplation
I’ll be along to deal with you soon

Did you notice the wooden ruler
Awaiting your arrival on my desk?
You know the fate of naughty schoolgirls
Sent to the headmaster for their sins
Now bend over and touch your toes
Cool wood rubs against your cheeks
Then your little dance begins
Writhing as your bottom’s whacked

I know you want to rub
You fiery ache away
But not yet, girl
I grasp your wrist

As we jog along the hallway
You see the plastic shoehorn
Carelessly discarded on the floor
Or maybe even deliberately placed
You try to pull away, this won’t do
Hands on knees, bottom out
You’ll find the little curvy strip
Slaps and smacks delightfully

The kitchen is our destination
From the fridge I fetch
An uncut melon, placing it
In a wooden chair’s dimpled seat

Now straddle it, girl
Sit and feel its chilly skin
Cool and soothe your burning bum
And aching slit

I’ve a new recipe for you to try
Ah, the crucial ingredient
A wooden spatula
Lift your feet from off the floor
Place them on your wooden seat
So you can grind against
Your cold green mound
Sliding up and down
The clammy sticky slick that seeps
And flows with every spank

Now, go wait for me on the patio
I don’t care if the neighbours see
I’m going to get the slappy paddle
No, I don’t care if the neighbours hear

Why so bashful now, girl?
Earlier you seemed so keen
To make a very public scene
If the loud paddle smacks
Betray your naughtiness
Attracting eyes to spy upon
Your bare pink nakedness
That’s just too bad

Go to the guest bedroom
I want to find you on the bed
Head down, bum up, legs spread
Ready for your bottom inspection

I arrive and pluck the silver plug
From your little gaping hole
Let me massage your sore pink cheeks
And scrutinise how wet you are
Soaking wet! You filthy girl!
Slide a finger deep into your bum
And keep it in as this ebony hairbrush
Metes out your just deserts

You may stay there, young lady
And hold your throbbing bum apart
Listening to distant splashes and gurgles
As I run a bath for you

Then I take your hand, and lead you
Towards a cloud of fragrant steamy wisps
Bathtime for you, you dirty minx
A thorough rubbing following every curve
An intimate cleansing of your stickiness
Then a lesson with the bathbrush
A reminder of how much more
A wet bum stings

Stand up straight, girl
For the fluffy towel’s embrace
That rubs and swabs and tickles
Every tender crevice

Then I ask: which room next my dear?
You answer me with eager eyes
Tugging my hand towards our bedroom

You halt, seeing the flogger on the bed
Lie down, my dear, you must be tired
Lift your legs up, show me everything
The kiss of a dozen suede lashes
Is going to sting your pretty slit

I won’t be needing these anymore
You watch my clothing slither to the floor
With a hungry longing stare
Our little adventure all around the house
Very exciting for us both, it seems
Now kneel on the bed for me, my dear
And spread your wanton cunt apart
I promised you ten

Feel my palm smack against your arse
Then something hard between your slit
Slap. Moan. Thrust
Gasp. Spank. Thrust
I hope you’ve learned your lesson now
Obedience is its own reward
And good girls say the magic word
You’re so close now

Will it be a whack
Or a thrust
That’s the one
That makes you come?

@spankingtheatre 2016