With the final part of Coming of Age now finished, I’ve begun work on a brand new story… let’s just say it’s one a lot of people have been looking forward to.

And as a thank you to all my wonderful readers, I thought I’d run a competition with a difference – one where the winners get to appear in my next story!

I know many of you have fantasy alter-egos, and have imagined yourselves getting up to all kinds of misbehaviour, and then later having your bare bottoms well spanked as a consequence.

The upcoming story has a school setting, so if you’ve ever imagined yourself as a mischievous schoolgirl, this is your chance to have her immortalised in words, and in the minds of thousands around the world.

There are 4 characters to cast, to apply to be one of them, send me a message or reblog this post and add a comment with the following details:

  • your character’s name
  • something distinctive about her personality or appearance
  • and the misdemeanour for which she has been sent to the dreaded punishment room

You can also email your entry to spankingtheatre at gmail if you don’t have a Tumblr account.

Then 3 weeks from now, I’ll choose the best submissions, and incorporate the characters into the story. You might even get a sneak preview too!

Some terrific submissions so far, keep them coming!

Reblog, email or message!